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Monthly GiveGab Product Updates – January 2020 Edition

The GiveGab product team dedicates time every month to create impactful and robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite.

Let’s dive into some of the most notable updates made to our platform in January.

Giving Days

Giving Days are 24-hour (or longer!) online fundraising challenges where organizations and schools come together to raise funds for different initiatives.

New to Giving Days, administrators of participating Giving Day organizations can now manually add donations to support area matches via the group profile.

Support areas allow for organizations participating in a Giving Day to highlight specific campaigns and initiatives directly from their profile. Organizations can share a direct link for their support area to donors and can have dedicated peer to peer champions. Additionally, matching opportunities can be attributed to a support area. A ‘sponsor match’, or simply a ‘match’, is a pool of funds that were donated from a person or company that is intended to be used to double the amount raised by your organization.

This new feature allows the user to better allocate gifts to their specific areas and amplify the impact of the gifts by having them correctly display as matched. This is especially important with offline donations is which tying a gift to a match must be done manually by the organization.

Product Updates January

Additional Updates made to our Giving Day Product Include:

  • User emails were added to the Peer-to-Peer fundraiser page export from the Giving Day master dashboard
  • A configurable heading above fallback campaigns was added
  • Copy was added to the Account Owner section of the Giving Day Master Dashboard to show owner’s organization name organization stripe account

Enterprise Embeddable Forms

Enterprise Embeddable Forms allow organizations to create completely custom donation forms integrated into their website.

New this month, we have introduced a new template for “Form Answers Reports” called “Email Delivery Failures.” This template is particularly useful in determining the reason why a specific donor is not receiving emails from the platform (bad email address, spam filtering, etc) or to investigate larger issues of all emails from the platform not being successfully delivered (DMARC issues, etc.). To create an Email Delivery Failures Report, you can follow these steps.

Product Updates January

Additional Updates made to our Enterprise Embeddable Forms Include:

  • You can now create a report filter on ‘Response’ > ‘Email Date’ column with standard criteria as other dates
  • Payment Gateway Driver/Processor value as a column in Financial Transactions reports is now available
  • The Merchandising Descriptor for Payflow Pro Processor can now be customized

Peer to Peer Fundraising Suite

With GiveGab’s Boost P2P Fundraising Suite, organizations can harness the power of peer to peer fundraising in their campaigns and events.

Security is our biggest priority on GiveGab. When an administrator of an organization creates an account on GiveGab they will now see more strict requirements that their password will have to meet. New passwords must be 8 characters and include a letter, a number and a special character (e.g. !,?, or $). It is our hope that this encourages admin to create strong passwords to ensure our site is secure for all users.

Product Updates January

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