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Monthly GiveGab Product Updates – February 2020 Edition

The GiveGab product team dedicates time every month to create impactful and robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite.

Let’s dive into some of the most notable updates made to our platform in February.

Giving Days

Giving Days are 24-hour (or longer!) online fundraising challenges where organizations and schools come together to raise funds for different initiatives.

New this month, questions in your Giving Day registration survey will now be numbered. This will create a straight-forward experience for your participating organizations and groups. It will also make it easier for organizations or departments to know where action needs to be taken if they miss any required questions in the survey.


Additionally, Giving Day donations will now export via Amazon S3 for enhanced security. Amazon S3 is a cloud storage system which according to its website, “maintains compliance programs, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, EU Data Protection Directive, and FISMA.”  It is essential to us that we are sharing and storing our Giving Day data with the highest level of security to ensure that our donors, partners, and participating organizations are confident that their data is safe.

Additional Updates made to our Giving Day Platform Include:

  • Added functionality to our Giving Day donation form allows donors to autofill their information. By cutting down on the time that it takes to complete the donation form, we are creating a more effective donor experience that will make donating to their favorite causes or departments enjoyable!
  • Our Community Giving product now allows for participating organizations to upload files up to 20MB. We commonly saw organizations uploading documents with large file sizes such as their IRS 990. Before this update, organizations would have to condense the file size of their documents before they could be uploaded to our platform.
  • Partners can now award hourly prizes to specific support areas within a participating group profile. This is especially beneficial to Single Organization Giving Days* that want to award prizes to specific initiatives they are promoting.
  • Giving Day sites now track the 5 UTM parameters (source, content, term, campaign, medium) in Google Analytics. This allows our partners to better track the success of their marketing campaigns throughout their Giving Day.

*Single Organization Giving Days are those that involve raising funds for one institution with a single donation flow.

Enterprise Embeddable Forms

The Enterprise Platform allows organizations to create completely custom and embeddable donation, registration, and RFI (Requests For Information) forms integrated into their website.

Updates made to our Enterprise Embeddable Forms Include:

  • Multi-give donation forms enable donors to give to multiple funds/designees in a single financial transaction. Organizations now have the ability to set the specific category(s) of funds/designees on a multi-give form the via form’s snippet code or URL parameters. Additionally, organizations can further customize the multi-give form to show only a specific list of funds/designees, regardless of their category by the same methods.
  • In our ongoing effort to ensure embeddable forms support the most modern assistive technologies, we’ve declared the ”role” of specific HTML <table> tags in embeddable forms. This lets screen readers know not to present HTML <table> tags as tabular data when they are being used strictly for layout purposes.

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