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How P2P Fundraising on GiveGab can Help Grow Your Donor Base

One of the simplest and most effective ways a nonprofit can grow their donor base is through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising.  

Even if your current group of supporters is small, you can reach out to each of them and request that they fundraise on your behalf or become what we call Fundraising Champions for an upcoming campaign.  

Recruiting fundraising champions through GiveGab’s online fundraising platform is a seamless process that has advanced the fundraising efforts of many nonprofits already.  

By utilizing the power of P2P fundraisers, you’re casting a wider net and reaching more potential supporters for your organization through their personal networks.  

Beyond this, the new people you’re reaching through your champions are probably more likely to get involved due to their personal connections. Their interest in helping their friend or family member reach their personal fundraising goal will ultimately lead to more donations to your campaign!

Using P2P Fundraising on GiveGab   

Step 1:  Sign up with GiveGab

If you’re not already on GiveGab, signing up and creating campaigns is quick and easy!

For access to P2P fundraising and other premium features, sign up for one of our premium plans.

Step 2:  Create a Campaign

Once you’re logged into your premium account, you’ll have access to your personal dashboard where you can create your first campaign exactly the way you like it!  

Step 3:  Invite Fundraising Champions

  • Sign into your personal dashboard
  • Go to your campaign page and click the “Manage” tab
  • At the bottom of your Manager’s Toolkit, click “Add a Fundraiser” 
  • An email editor will appear for you to complete
  • Fill in your champion’s name, email address, and customize a message
  • Make sure to thank them for all their support
  • Tell them how important their role as a champion is to your mission

Step 4:  Encourage Your Fundraising Champions

Consider hosting a Fundraising Champion or Campaign Launch kick-off party. This can help make your champions feel like they’re part of a larger effort and connect with other people working toward the same cause.  It’s also a great way to show your appreciation!  

More things you can do:

  • Provide realistic goals for each of your fundraisers to meet
  • Create a reachable campaign goal and share it with your fundraisers
  • Make sure all goals are realistic, so your fundraisers can feel successful
  • Segment fundraisers based on how much they’ve raised for you in the past
  • Encourage fundraisers to share campaign pages on social media
  • Encourage friendly competition to see who can raise the most money
  • Send encouraging messages when your fundraisers collect donations
  • Send updates of what their efforts are helping to support

Step 5:  Implement Donor Stewardship

Once your campaign is over, how will you go about thanking your lovely fundraising champions?  By what percentage did these supporters improve your overall fundraising efforts for this particular campaign?  

  • Create a personalized gift or card that states the impact your champions had on your campaign, then send it to them or give it to them in person.  
  • Consider hosting a pizza party or other event dedicated solely to thanking your fundraising champions where you present them with a small and meaningful thank you gift!

Whatever you do, don’t let their support go unnoticed!  

Effective donor appreciation means your donors are more likely to:
  • Fundraise for you again in the future
  • Increase their personal donation size
  • Promote you and get more of their personal contacts involved  

Peer-to -peer fundraising can substantially increase your donor base for a particular campaign, but in order to retain those newer donors for future giving, you’ll need to take over relationship maintenance with them while continuing to foster relationships with your fundraising champions. 

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