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4 Ways to Start Using Nonprofit Storytelling in Your Online Fundraising

Do your online fundraising campaigns tell a compelling story? 

Nonprofit storytelling doesn’t need to be confined to your ‘About Us’ or communication outreach strategy.  In fact, it’s beneficial to share your story on your organization’s website and within your fundraising campaigns.

With GiveGab’s online fundraising and supporter management platform, it’s almost too easy to implement storytelling (as well as stewardship) within your online campaigns!

1. Tell Your Story

One of the first things you’re prompted to do when you create a campaign is to Tell Your Story.  Your story is the first thing that appears beneath your campaign name and summary:

Nonprofit Storytelling

Use our Nonprofit Storytelling Template to help get you started!

2. Add Visuals

You can get as creative as you’d like with how you tell your story!  Content is always important, but including photos or videos can add a meaningful and memorable edge.

Along with incorporating relevant images or videos to the body of your story, you’re also encouraged to add a cover photo and story image.

Nonprofit Storytelling

Nonprofit Storytelling

3. Provide Some Background

With your captivating photos on display, your next and final step is to write your story.  Here you can provide some background about how your organization got started, your mission and the backstory of that mission, current fundraising or volunteer efforts, and more.

But how you tell your story may be just as important as the details!

When you incorporate storytelling into your nonprofit’s communication strategy, you’ll have an inspiring story to share anywhere you’d like – including, but not limited to, your online fundraising campaigns.

Below is an example of how to implement nonprofit storytelling into an online fundraising campaign through your GiveGab dashboard:

Nonprofit Storytelling

4. Motivate Your Audience

The end result?  A beautiful campaign page with captivating images (or videos), a compelling story, and increased inspiration and motivation for people who are passionate about your cause to go ahead and support your mission through donating, fundraising, volunteering, or simply spreading the word about how great you are!

Nonprofit Storytelling

Regardless of whether or not you’re using GiveGab’s platform to launch online fundraising campaigns, make sure you’re telling your story in a way that draws people in and keeps them coming back.

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