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Nonprofit Promotional Videos With Promo By Slidely

Recently at our Giving Day Leaders Forum, one of our guests recommended we look into a tool called Promo by Slidely for creating promotional videos.

After giving it a try ourselves, we realized how beneficial and affordable this marketing tool could be for the nonprofits we work with on a regular basis, which is why I wrote this blog article to help get people started!

What is Promo?

Promo is a digital video service that allows its users to combine fifteen seconds of footage, music, and copy to create a fully licensed promotional video at affordable prices. They even have special pricing for nonprofits!

The Benefits of Using Promo Videos

Promo videos are extremely useful for promoting events and campaigns and add a special touch to thank you messages. Because of the vast variety of footage offered, you’re sure to find a clip that matches your event or campaign pretty perfectly. They’re the ideal size to post on social media, your website, and of course, your GiveGab campaign pages or customizable thank you messages!

Visuals prove to be exceedingly important in captivating an audience and drawing an emotional response from them. As videos become a more popular marketing strategy, you’ll want to ensure that your message is getting seen and heard, too! 76.5% of marketers have reported that using a video has had a direct impact on their businesses.

Getting Started with Promo

Creating a video with Promo is incredibly easy and intuitive. I was told it would take me about five minutes to create my first video, and only three minutes to create any subsequent videos once I had gotten the hang of it. Though this is certainly possible, if you’re incredibly indecisive like me, it might take you a little longer!

Promo has 2.8 million clips of footage to choose from across all different genres. They are also beautiful, which can make choosing a video that more difficult!

Customizing Your Promo Video

After deciding on which footage clip to use, it was time to add my logo and text. Since my video was going to be about inviting people to volunteer on Earth Day to plant trees, I wrote a simple call to action about the goal, the date, time and place. On the last portion of the video, I added my organization’s “logo” (that I created for this purpose on Canva) and a web address.

The final step was to add music. I easily navigated to the “Music” tab on the left-hand side and was given tons and tons of options of 15-second music clips to choose from. The descriptive names of the music clips were extremely helpful in finding just the right one to match the mood of my video.

The Final Result

It was hard to believe that was all it took to put together a great looking promo video. Throughout the process I was reminded of one theme: keep it simple to get your message across. In this case, the footage and the music told a lot of the story for me, so I could focus more on communicating the perfect call to action.

To top it off, Promo utilizes a chat feature (just like ours!) which enabled them to answer any and all of my questions super quickly!

Visit Promo to learn more or browse more of our marketing tips!