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The Evolution of Nonprofit Giving Challenges

Since its inception in 2012, #GivingTuesday has inspired organizations across the globe to celebrate their impact online to better raise awareness and crucial funds for their cause.

The online giving movement has empowered nonprofit professionals to think about what makes them stand out, and how they can empower others to join them in making a difference through digital engagement with their networks.

Not long after #GivingTuesday began to gain global notoriety, the idea of hosting a single day, week, or month long fundraising event online became a concept far more feasible than it ever was before.

With the nonprofit technology sector expanding its offerings, Community Foundations like The Nonprofit Council were able to spearhead events like The Big Give, a Giving Day initiated in 2013 that promoted many causes people can support in their own backyards with added incentives to drive donations during the event time period.

Through business sponsorships, matching challenges, and prize incentives, communities can now gamify giving in a way that helps attract new donors online, build better relationships, and become more sustainable.

But what happens when you take away the power of a global movement or community foundation leading the way and make a Giving Challenge all about your mission? Something pretty exciting.

Reasons To Launch A Giving Challenge

With modern and cost-effective technology now at the fingertips, it’s easier than ever for organizations of any size to create a Giving Challenge that’s all your own.

There are some key differences when it comes to participating in a community Giving Event and running your own Giving Challenge, but having the flexibility to decide how you want to engage your unique supporter base and receiving top-notch support from nonprofit technology platforms like GIveGab, are the most important differences and benefits!

By hosting your own Giving Challenge, you have the power to curate the details that will have the most impact for your organization and effectively ignite your supporter base to give. Not being bound to a pre-decided date, means that you get to decide when to host your challenge and for how long. Whether it’s a special anniversary month or a cause awareness day aligned with your mission, you have the flexibility to choose and get creative with your ideas.

How To Launch A Giving Challenge

Similar to hosting a Giving Day, you’ll have control over the look and feel of your giving site so that every branding element and call to action speaks to who you are as a nonprofit. These decisions, like being able to add custom questions to your donation forms and feature your own logo and colors across your giving site, make a huge difference in being able to successfully reach your goals.

Hosting your own Giving Challenge also means you’ll be able to better highlight key supporters who will be helping you make this event possible in a big way. Features like business fundraisers, peer-to-peer fundraising, and sponsored matches and challenges create more opportunities to engage with these connections and celebrate and acknowledge their impact.

By creating more opportunities for your network of businesses, sponsors, and key community members to support your cause, you can better lay the groundwork for year-over-year growth.

Getting Started is Easy

The power of running your own Giving Challenge means that you get to narrate the entire story being told about who you are and the amazing work that you do. Tap into your existing network to help you share those stories and build excitement around your own goals.

GiveGab works with nonprofits across the country in supporting their Giving Days and Challenges and we LOVE doing it. So if having the flexibility to host your own sounds like something that could make a difference to your organization’s future, book a time to chat with one of our nonprofit engagement specialists to learn more!