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Nonprofit Champion: Scott Whyatt from TracysDogs

TracysDogs is a nonprofit whose mission is to rescue dogs with pending euthanasia dates located in South Texas municipal shelters, and to rehabilitate and re-home each of them with individuals and families that demonstrate a commitment to providing a loving, caring, nurturing home environment.

On May 4, 2017, TracysDogs, along with 647 other nonprofit organizations, participated in the annual Giving Day celebration for South Central Texas, #BigGive2017.

Scott WhyattTracysDogs, Executive Director for TracysDogs, shared some background about his organization and the success they experienced using GiveGab as the technology provider for this year’s giving event.

“TracysDogs grew from a simple website posting videos of dogs stuck in San Antonio’s city shelter who were facing imminent euthanasia to high-octane rescue that saves, rehabilitates, and re-homes dogs across the country through transport events each month. To date, we have rescued more than 3,650 dogs.”

Giving Day Strategy

Scott shared what he and his team did to prepare for the big day:

“Social media was key. One of our Transport Event videos went viral in March 2017 (18 million views), which affected our followers significantly (from 11,500 to 240,000+). We built a critical mass of support and promoted our fundraising event accordingly.”  

Watch TracysDogs video for The Big Give:



“We continually publicize and promote the work we do, especially the outcomes – dogs facing euthanasia transformed into family pets. Fundraising is less about asking, and more about inviting people in over time to support your mission and the work you do. The BigGive event was just the culmination of 12 months of preparation.”  

Giving Day Results

TracysDogs topped the #BigGive2017 Leaderboards for having the Most Donors at over 1,500!

“Our number of donors grew by 164% (2016 vs. 2017)”

TracysDogs raised over $120k from 1,571 donors for #BigGive2017!


Scott shared his final thoughts about his experience using GiveGab for the Big Give:

“GiveGab is simple to understand, easy to use, reliable, and our donors had confidence that the gift they made – regardless of how big or small – was received by the nonprofit of their choice and they left feeling confident that their participation will positively impact our efforts to save dogs from pending euthanasia.”  

Congratulations to TracysDogs on Your Success!
 You are truly Nonprofit Champions