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Nonprofit Champion: Peggie Henderson from Family Biz Builder

Peggie Henderson is the Executive Director for Family Biz Builder, a nonprofit located in Tunica, MS, that seeks to deliver economic empowerment by providing education and employment through their sports and fitness program.

Family Biz Builder

Having never done online fundraising until being introduced to GiveGab, Peggie shared with us the many ways using the platform has benefited her organization.

Family Biz Builder has run 3 successful fundraising campaigns on GiveGab, collectively raising over $2,400!
They also participated in the state of Mississippi’s Day of Giving in 2015, generating over $1,500 in donations from 15 donors in just one day!

Family Biz Builder

Family Biz Builder’s Most Successful Campaign

Peggie told us that she considered their very first GiveGab campaign, Biz Builder Sports, to be their most successful because it was their first time learning how to do online fundraising and they still raised over $1,300 from 19 donors!

Family Biz Builder
Screenshot of Family Biz Builder’s first fundraising campaign on GiveGab

What Made this Campaign so Successful?

Peggie told us that one of their fundraising champions (a.k.a. peer-to-peer fundraisers) really made this campaign the success that it was.  They had also planned for 3 months in advance of the campaign and followed a timeline.

Recruiting Fundraising Champions

To recruit her fundraising champions, Peggie told us that she simply reached out and asked people.  And because this was their first time doing online fundraising, all of the donors for this campaign were brand new!

Engaging with Donors

For Peggie, staying engaged with her donors meant keeping them informed about how incoming funds were being used and requesting that donors participate in upcoming efforts.

The Takeaway

One of the most important things Peggie learned from this campaign is the value of fundraising champions.  Reaching out to more people to act as fundraising champions is something she plans to implement for future campaigns.

When asked what her single best piece of advice would be for other nonprofits looking to run a successful campaign, Peggie kept it simple:

“Plan it and Implement!”

Congratulations to Family Biz Builder on Your Success!
 You are truly Nonprofit Champions 
Family Biz Builder will be participating in Mississippi Day of Giving 2016, happening on October 20th!