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Nonprofit Champion: Jon Drewsen from Clean Wisconsin

Clean Wisconsin is a Madison-based environmental non-profit which works to protect and preserve Wisconsin’s clean air, clean water, and natural heritage. Founded on the first Earth Day in 1970, Clean Wisconsin has been a formative leader in advocating for statewide environmental protection for over 47 years. From the Wisconsin Environmental Protection Act to the statewide ban on microbeads, Clean Wisconsin has been at the center of every historic environmental victory in the state of Wisconsin.

Jon Drewsen, the Communications Associate for Clean Wisconsin, shared why he and his team are passionate about their work:

Clean Wisconsin

“We’re passionate about this work because, at our core, we believe every Wisconsinite should have access to clean and safe water, breathable air, and a habitable earth.  We have deep connections to special places all over the state, like so many people, and so we know how important it is to be a voice for people on environmental issues that personally impact them, their natural resources, and their cherished places.”

Clean Wisconsin participated in The Big Share 2017, a 24-hour Giving Day established by Community Shares of Wisconsin for their nonprofit members.  Jon shared his experience using GiveGab’s technology platform for us to use in a case study and also highlighted some of their behind-the-scenes work that helped make their participation so successful.

Clean Wisconsin

Giving Day Strategy

Leading up to and throughout the Giving Day, the Clean Wisconsin team utilized social media and email outreach to promote their participation and get people excited about the event.

They attributed their success primarily to having a solid outreach plan that they stuck to.  They also advertised their matching gifts in advance and took the time to produce high-quality videos they felt would appeal to donors in promoting this Giving Day.

Below is a video promoting their participation in The Big Share 2017: 

This video was available on their giving profile, along with donation tiers to help donors know what their gifts would be able to pay for.

Clean Wisconsin
Screenshot of donation tiers for Clean Wisconsin

Giving Day Results

In just 24 hours, Clean Wisconsin topped the Leaderboards for having the Most Raised, reaching over $26k from 165 donors! 

Clean Wisconsin
Screenshot of Clean Wisconsin’s giving profile

“We exceeded our goal by over 100%, and were able to capture current, new, and lapsed donors.”

Congratulations to Clean Wisconsin on Your Success!
 You are truly Nonprofit Champions 

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