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Nonprofit Champion: Erin from League of Women Voters of Wisconsin

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) works to foster civic engagement and enhance access to the vote by ensuring a free, fair, and accessible electoral system for all eligible citizens. The League neither supports nor opposes candidates. The League does not endorse any political parties. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that advocates for informed and active participation in government.

Erin Grunze, Voter Education Coordinator for LWVWI, told us why she’s passionate about her work:

I support the League because its mission is more than politics. It’s people. It’s real local involvement. It’s making a direct impact. This great organization’s driving force is made up of incredible and dedicated volunteers working on voter education and government policy to increase engagement and make for a better future.

The LWVWI participated in a local Giving Day, The Big Share 2017, a Giving Day powered by GiveGab, with great results. Erin shared her experience using GiveGab’s technology platform for us to use in a case study and also highlighted some of the work they did behind the scenes to help make their participation so successful.

League of Women Voters

Giving Day Strategy

According to Erin, the LWVWI saw a 17% increase in donors and 71% increase in donations compared to their participation in The Big Share 2016.

Her team attributed this success to a combination of better strategic planning for what they could execute with their staff time and resources as well as developing and implementing a plan.

Giving Day Promotions

LWVWI utilized social media, emails, and web promotions to get the word out about their participation.  Below is an example one of their Facebook promotions leading up to the big day:

League of Women Voters

Screenshot of a Facebook promotion from LWVWI

All organizations signed up for The Big Share 2017 had access to free tools provided in a Nonprofit Toolkit, which included things like social media graphics, communications timelines, email templates, and more.

Giving Day Results

In just 24 hours, Erin helped LWVWI raise over $11,000 as a fundraising champion for her organization!

League of Women Voters

To help make their participation in this day successful, LWVWI did a great job at customizing their giving profile to include important things like donation tiers, which give donors the power to choose where their dollars are going, along with compelling photos, a background story, and an informative video!

League of Women Voters
Donation Tiers from LWVWI’s giving profile

They also had a matching gift to help inspire giving and recruited fundraising champions to promote their giving profile and raise money on their behalf.

With all these efforts in place, it’s no wonder they had such incredible results!

“This Giving Day helped us meet our yearly fundraising goal and increase our online presence.”

Congratulations to LWV of WI on Your Success!
 You are truly Nonprofit Champions 

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