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Nonprofit Champion: Brooke from Olmsted Center for Sight

Olmsted Center for Sight serves those who are visually impaired by providing resources and services that help them achieve greater independence.

Olmsted Center

Brooke Kibrick, Marketing and Events Coordinator for Olmsted Center for Sight, shared her fundraising success story with us!


What would you consider to be your most successful campaign and why?

Brooke:  Help our Blind and Visually Impaired Preschoolers to meet Della the Blind Gray Seal. It was a great story and those that donated knew where the money was going.  Plus, I was able to send with them all the fun pictures and show them how they helped make the encounter happen!!

What would you attribute to this great success?

Brooke:  Good fundraising page with good marketing and sharing on social media.

Walk us through your plan of action for this campaign

Brooke:  We planned for 5 months, working with the Niagara Aquarium and our Preschool. I had to be persistent and make sure all parties involved knew what was going on and worked together.

Of the donors for this campaign, about what percentage would you say were repeat donors versus new?

Brooke:  Almost everyone was a new donor and actually donated to our 2 other campaigns!

What efforts have you made to reach out to new donors and were any of them particularly successful?

Brooke:  I sent Thank you Emails and did follow-ups to show them where their money went and how it helped.

How did you recruit your fundraising champions?

Brooke:  Social Media and Email (personal and professional).

How frequently did you interact with your donors for this campaign and what mediums did you use most?

Brooke:  At least 3 times via email and social media…our donors seem invested!

Was there anything you learned from this campaign?

Brooke:  I would maybe do just one campaign instead of 3.

What is your single best piece of advice for other nonprofits when it comes to launching a successful fundraising campaign?

Brooke:  Think of a story or hook that will get the public to want to help you and invest in your cause…and always follow up to let them see how their donation is in motion.

Congratulations to Olmsted Center for Sight on Your Fundraising Success!

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