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Nonprofit Champion: Bjørn Parramoure from The Einstein School

The Einstein School is a unique tuition-free charter school serving  2nd through 8th-grade children who have not learned to read, write, spell, and/or speak by conventional methods. Our students make great gains in these skills and become more confident and successful in their academic studies.

Einstein School Bjørn Parramoure, Facilities Manager, Social Media guru, and teacher’s aide at The Einstein School, shared why his team is passionate about the work they do:

Our free charter school for kids with dyslexia has been serving Gainesville, FL’s elementary & middle schoolers since 1999. In our experience, nothing on Earth compares to seeing a child finally open up to the love of learning. Overcoming dyslexia to become a fluent reader takes a monumental exertion of self-will and perseverance; we’re determined to help them in their journey.”  

The Einstein School participated in The Amazing Give 2017, a 24-hour Giving Day hosted by Community Foundation of North Central Florida for nearly 80 local nonprofits dedicated to building a stronger community.

The Einstein School

Bjørn shared his experience using GiveGab’s technology platform for us to use in a case study and also highlighted some of the work his team did that contributed to their fundraising results.

Giving Day Strategy

Bjørn shared what he and his team did to prepare for the big day:

We stormed Social Media with tri-weekly posts featuring our students and bumping the Giving Day. We emailed a newsletter. We taught all the parents how to promote our Giving Day page with Social Media, and we made a video called Why We Love The Einstein School, featuring our students speaking from their hearts about what our school means to them.



Giving Day Results

The Einstein School topped The Amazing Give Leaderboards for having the Most Raised throughout the day!

The Einstein School
Screenshot of The Amazing Give Leaderboards

Each participant in this Giving Day had their very own giving profile that they could customize to fit their unique brand while also staying consistent with the style of the Giving Day.

The Einstein School raised over $24K from 194 donors, an increase of almost $10k from the previous year! 

The Einstein School

The Einstein School
Screenshot of giving profile for The Einstein School

There are a few key things our team at GiveGab suggests that Giving Day participants do in order to be successful for their day. We’re not featuring this nonprofit as a champion for nothing!  They provided donation levels to their supporters, which has been shown to increase engagement and giving, as well as the compelling video highlighted above.The Einstein School

They also utilized fundraising champions to help them raise additional funds throughout the day.

They had a total of fourteen fundraising champions who helped raise the majority of the donations for the day!

“GiveGab gave us the infrastructure to mount our online campaign, and they supported us every step of the way.”

Congratulations to The Einstein School on Your Success!
 You are truly Nonprofit Champions