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New Feature! Promote an Organization and its Volunteer Opportunities!

Want to give members of your organization more volunteer opportunities? Want to showcase great organizations in your local community? You can with our new Promotion feature!

Promote an Organization From Your Own Organization’s Page

The first way you can promote another organization is to go to your organization’s About, Volunteer, or Admin page. Click on the “Promote Organization” or “Add Organization” button. 


Promote an Organization From Their Page

There is another way to promote an organization. Let’s say you are browsing the site and come across an exciting new organization that you want to show to your members? You can quickly add it by clicking the “Promote” button.


Once an organization is promoted, its volunteer opportunities will appear on the promoting organization’s Volunteer page.


This is a function for administrators of organizations to perform, but it will greatly affect members of their organization.

For example, an administrator at a university could promote some nonprofits in their local community. That would let all of the university’s student volunteers see those nonprofit’s volunteer opportunities, so they would have to spend less time searching.

For clarification, we are using the term “organization” to refer to nonprofits, universities, high schools, businesses, and clubs. Promoting is a way to expose your members to more great organizations and volunteer opportunities!