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GiveGab Adds Two New Products Focused On Year-Round Initiatives

GiveGab Giving Day partners range in organization size and diversity of their missions, but they all have something in common. On average, their Giving Days are seeing 37% growth year-over-year, and they are looking for ways to build on this momentum to strengthen the giving culture in their community or region throughout the year.

We’re excited to introduce two new GiveGab products our partners have been asking for: Community Giving and Philanthropy Hub; dedicated central portals for giving, engagement, and so much more!

These year-round products were developed for community foundations who have the following goals:

  1. To help donors and local residents better understand their nonprofit community and discover how to engage in the causes they care about.
  2. To establish organizational transparency that empowers donors to make more informed and strategic giving decisions.
  3. To provide grantmakers with a central, trusted location to research organizations.

What is Community Giving?

Community Giving emphasizes the importance of creating a giving culture in your community or region. With this product, you will have access to a custom website built as a central location for businesses, organizations, and donors to cultivate relationships.

Special features include a dedicated project manager, integrated peer-to-peer crowdfunding, and the ability to highlight key initiatives, funds, or support areas. Typical clients of this product include Community Foundations, United Ways, and nonprofit networks.

What are the biggest product benefits?

  • Capacity-building and nonprofit insights
  • Year-round exposure, engagement, and fundraising capacity
  • Flexibility to feature key initiatives and organizations

How does Community Giving interact with my GiveGab Giving Day site?

As a Giving Day host on GiveGab, you’re already positioned to seamlessly use the Community Giving portal for the following reasons:

  • Similar User Interfaces: Because the Giving Day platform shares a user interface with Community Giving, you and your nonprofits will only need to keep track of one login to access both products to make updates. Training will also be easier because the user experience is similar to that of setting up a Giving Day profile.
  • Shared Data Fields: The two platforms also share some common data fields – like address, organization name, bank account information, etc. So if my organization moves, I only need to update it once on my profile to have it reflected on both platforms.
  • Donation Consistency: 
  • Organizations will be able to collect donations via the Community Giving platform, just as they do through a Giving Day. It will all report into the same place within their admin dashboard and with the new report filters available, they’ll be able to filter which donations came from where and when.
  • Similar Donor Experience: Donors on Community Giving will also have similar user experiences because the platform has a similar search and donation flow. 

An example of a Community Giving Site on GiveGab is News For Good.

What is Philanthropy Hub?

Many community foundations are moving toward the use of a central hub or directory for their nonprofits to host their organizational information and giving opportunities throughout the year.

Along with the ability to have all your member nonprofits fundraise throughout the year, the Local Philanthropy Hub also serves as a central, trusted location for grantmakers and other entities to research organizations.

What are the benefits of having a year-round Philanthropy Hub?

  • Capacity-building and nonprofit insights
  • Year-round exposure and engagement
  • Central location for DAF holders to direct their funds
  • A trusted hub of community foundation approved nonprofits
  • Philanthropic Transparency

What are the benefits offered exclusively through GiveGab?

GiveGab offers the flexibility to customize various aspects of your portal, such as the information you’d like to collect and what information you’d like to reveal based on your foundation’s needs. You’ll have complete control of what information to share and you’ll own all the data, as it’s pulled through the IRS and not a third party vendor.

The Philanthropy Hub is the most robust GiveGab product with nothing else like it in the industry, offering a full directory of nonprofit organizations with the ability to donate within the platform.

We also off world-class support with dedicated project managers that assist with the implementation of your site. Our customers love us so much that we have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +79!

Want to learn more about these new products? Request a demo with one of our product experts!