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Fall Features Featured

Our team has been tirelessly crafting new features and enhancing GiveGab to help you and your organization do awesome things to benefit those you serve. We need to do a better job of keeping you in the loop on these changes, so that’s the purpose of this blog post. We’ll try to get one of these updates out each month so you know what’s going on, and so you don’t miss out on great new features.

Without further ado, here are some of the changes you’ll see on GiveGab:

1. Get Recurring Donations

Looking to turn online donors into repeat givers? Do you want a consistent stream of income for your organization? A great way of achieving both is through recurring donations. We have recently added the option for your donors to set up a recurring monthly gift when they are making a donation. It’s as easy as checking a box. Once set up, you will receive a gift of their chosen amount each month, and they will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Like Groundhog Day for donations...except monthly, and less monotonous and Less depressing and really not funny...come to think of it, it's not that much like groundhog day, Just wanted to use this gif. Like Groundhog Day for donations…except monthly, and less monotonous and Less depressing and really not funny…come to think of it, it’s not that much like groundhog day, Just wanted to use this gif.

2. Edit Your Donations

Have you ever had a donor come up to you and say, “Hey, I meant to make that donation to little Johnny’s fundraiser, but it went directly to your organization, and he didn’t get credit”? Now you can move this donation to the proper fundraiser, and everyone is happy, including little Johnny.

3. Reach Out to Contacts

One of the most common requests we were getting from our p2p fundraisers is, “I’d like to access my email contacts so I don’t have to type all these emails in.” Well now you can! We have integrated with a service that let’s you access Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other places where you store contacts.

4. Dashboard Changes

We’ve changed up the a few of the things you see on your organization’s admin dashboard. You’ll see many more useful links on the “Overview” tab. We’ve also added some helpful tips for new organizations to get started on GiveGab.

There’s now a dedicated “Donations” tab, where you can see and edit your donations. This section shows offline donations, if you’re into things like offline donations.

5. Offline Registration

If you’re running a fundraising event, you can now register an offline participant if someone happened to sign up in person with a check or cash. This will allow them to have their own online fundraising page on GiveGab, even though they registered elsewhere.

6. Discounted Registration

Want to offer a discounted registration fee to some of your participants? Maybe they’re employees of a corporate sponsor, or maybe they’re superstar volunteers? You can now do that. Reach out to us and we’ll get you set up!

Other Enhancements

  • This next one seems minor, but worth mentioning. We recently changed some things about how we handle resetting a user’s password. This should reduce some of the errors we’ve seen around this immensely popular aspect (necessary evil) of our site.
  • People can now see more than 3 campaigns on your organization’s page, we’ve added a dedicated page that displays all of your current and past fundraising campaigns….we also gave you a past campaigns section on your admin dashboard.
  • Better arrangement of volunteer opportunities on the admin dashboard, especially for those organizations with a lot of opportunities. Volunteer opportunity sorting by date has also been improved.
  • Export donations to a specific campaign via CSV. Added team name and total raised to our p2p fundraiser CSV export.
  • Improved donation tiers on campaigns, you will be able to add as many as you want.
  • Fixed a super annoying bug that caused tasks times to show up to admins in eastern time, even though they were set correctly to volunteers. Weird. This was due to an minor Javascript error.

So there you go! That’s just a little sample of what we’ve been developing the last few weeks. Hope you like it. As always, feel free to reach out with your feedback and suggestions…or if you’d like to know more about using one of these features, hit us up at