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Nevada’s Big Give 2018 Brings in Over $630k for 236 Nonprofits

Nevada's Big Give 2018

Powered by the United Way of Southern Nevada and GiveGab, Nevada’s Big Give 2018 was a huge success.

From midnight to midnight on March 22, 2018, Nevada celebrated the biggest Giving Day in their state’s history, bringing in over $630k from 4,364 donors!

Nevada's Big Give 2018

Nevada’s Big Give Prizes

Monetary prizes were awarded to participants based on reaching certain milestones.

One such prize was the Power Hour prize awarded to the organization with the most raised from 10am-11am.

Nevada's Big Give 2018

This Power Hour prize, sponsored by Golden Nugget Las Vegas, was awarded to Safe Nest, TADC!

Nevada's Big Give 2018

Other prizes were awarded to the most raised within nonprofit size categories; small, medium, and large.

The 3rd place winner for medium nonprofits was awarded to Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas!

Nevada's Big Give 2018

Prize winners were showcased once they were awarded on Nevada’s Big Give Prizes page, so supporters could see which organizations received each prize.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this incredible day! We’re excited to work with you again in 2019!