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MSU Takes Fundraising and Volunteer Efforts to the Next Level

Michigan State University certainly puts the “fun” in fundraising and the “vol”(ume) in volunteering! With National Volunteer Week on the horizon, we chose to spotlight MSU for their incredible volunteer efforts AND ongoing peer-to-peer and team fundraising success!  

All reported numbers in this article are from 3/31/16.  To see how they’re currently doing, click any of the links to their fundraising pages provided below. 

Volunteer Efforts

5,789 MSU students and alumni have collectively logged over 147,000 hours with an estimated volunteer hours value of  $3.4 million!  They continually have a variety of volunteer opportunities and never seem to have a shortage of students or alumni signing up.   

Volunteer Efforts

MSU Partners For Flint

Of their many volunteer and fundraising efforts, MSU is also working with community partners and volunteer agencies in Flint in a campus-wide donation effort to bring water to those affected by the Flint Water Crisis.     

Volunteer Efforts

Greek Week Initiative

Volunteer Efforts

MSU Greek Week 2016 seeks to benefit local charities in the Greater East Lansing and Lansing areas through fun team competitions.  Each team consists of a sorority paired with one large and one small fraternity.  They have over 1,500 donors and have surpassed their goal of $80K!    

Their team leaderboards show the top teams by service hours alongside the top teams by amount raised with the leading team currently at over 1,200 service hours and over $16,000.00 raised!   

Volunteer Efforts

Our team at GiveGab is honored to have Michigan State University on our platform, as they exemplify the meaning of giving back to their community and having fun in the process!    

Does your university want to have fun while making a positive difference?  

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