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What Does it Mean to be a Nonprofit Champion on GiveGab?

Those who work in the nonprofit sector work diligently to create positive change in their communities by helping the causes that need it most.  This alone makes them champions from our perspective!

When we have Nonprofit Champion stories on the GiveGab blog, they come from answers to interview questions in our Case Study Survey we send out to nonprofits that we believe have shown incredible fundraising success:

Nonprofit Champion

This process allows us to share fundraising success stories from some of our nonprofit customers for other organizations to learn from and implement themselves.

When reaching out to nonprofits, we typically select those who have reached or surpassed their personal fundraising goals for at least one campaign on GiveGab’s fundraising platform.

Nonprofit Champion
Sample Campaign Status Bar on GiveGab


All nonprofits who have reached at least 100% of a fundraising goal on GiveGab are automatically added to our Nonprofit Champion Wall of Fame, regardless of whether they’ve taken our survey or not:

Nonprofit Champion

At GiveGab, our success is completely dependent on the success of our nonprofit customers.  We don’t make money unless they do!  We only charge a small fee for donations that are collected through our platform, with no additional costs.

Our pricing model helps keep all of us at GiveGab even more motivated to provide the best platform experience possible for our nonprofits, so everyone walks away with a successful online fundraising experience!

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