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Launch Your Best Summer Fundraising Campaign on GiveGab

When is the best time to ask someone for something?…When they’re happy, of course!

Statistically speaking, the majority of people are at their happiest in the summer months, so you could safely say that summer and fundraising go together like peanut butter and jelly…or dancing bears and money?…

summer fundraising gif

It isn’t too late to start your summer fundraising campaign, especially if you’re creating one on GiveGab!

For all our seasoned GiveGab users out there, you likely already know how easy and fun it is to launch a fundraising campaign on our giving platform, but here are some tips to make your summer fundraising campaign the best it can be!…

Connect a Campaign with a Summer Event

If you already have a summer event in the works, you should definitely have an online campaign to go along with it.  There will more thank likely be people who can’t physically make it to your event, but would like the opportunity to contribute in some way and to receive updates.

Plus, even those who go to your event may want access to the information online so they can share it with others or donate in a way that’s quick and convenient for them.

On GiveGab, you can simply include your event information in the tagline and body of your campaign, add relevant images, links, your contact information, and so on.

Put Summer In Your Campaign Title

In your Campaign Title and/or tagline, try incorporating summer words to inspire participation and giving.  Here are some fun examples:

Summer Fundraising Campaign

Summer Fundraising Campaign

Summer Fundraising Campaign

Use a Vibrant Story Image

Try to use a vibrant image taken from your actual campaign efforts, your beneficiaries, or whatever you feel will inspire supporters to give to this particular campaign.

If you’re short on time and don’t have your own image to use, there are plenty of websites available that provide free, high-quality stock photos.

Get Creative with Donation Tiers

Donation tiers or levels are great because they give your supporters the opportunity to learn the actual cost of different efforts at your organization and puts the power in their hands regarding where their donations are being spent.

Each donation tier can (and should!) have its own image to go along with it.  Studies show that the use of images increases the amount of time someone will stay on a web page, along with increasing click-through rates.   See the great example below from the campaign, Summers Matter:

Summer Fundraising Campaign

Recruit Fundraising Champions!

We cannot emphasize this enough, but nonprofits who utilize peer-to-peer (p2p) fundraisers or fundraising champions consistently raise more for their campaigns than nonprofits that don’t.  And if you haven’t tried it yet, this is the perfect time to start!

When creating your campaign, simply select the ‘Fundraisers’ tab and click the box where it says, “enable peer-to-peer fundraising”.  To really make things fun, you can also enable team fundraising if you think you’ll have enough people to create separate fundraising teams.  A signature example of a campaign that successfully utilized p2p and team fundraisers is Great River Rescue’s campaign, Walk for Animals – Bark for Life 2015:

Great River Rescue Summer Fundraising Campaign


Summer is Here, So Get Started!

Now that you see how simple and fun setting up a summer campaign on GiveGab is, it’s time to get started!

Happy Summer Fundraising!