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Kickstart Your Year-End Fundraising With #GivingTuesday

As if an entire day dedicated to giving back to nonprofits wasn’t exciting enough, did you know that you can also use the leverage of #GivingTuesday to successfully kickstart your year-end fundraising efforts?

Data from 2015 shows that there’s a big spike in giving on #GivingTuesday, followed by another spike during the last 3 days of the year.  What better way to get your supporters prepared for those last few days than with your #GivingTuesday campaign?

Use the excitement from the day, along with what you learned from your campaign results, as a segway into your year-end fundraising efforts by following these steps! 

GTheartAfter #GivingTuesday Messaging Strategy:

  • Following a donation made on Giving Tuesday, send your donors an immediate, customized, and personalized thank you message.  
  • Within this message, remind them that the New Year is soon approaching and that there’s still time to make final donations to help you reach your nonprofit’s goals for the year and for donors to use as charitable tax deductions.  
  • Include within your messaging that the success of your Giving Tuesday campaign has contributed greatly to your annual fundraising goals to help out with [_your mission_].  


After #GivingTuesday Campaign Strategy:

  • Provide your supporters with a campaign link that contains information about your year-end goals or a specific need you’re looking to fill with these end-of-the-year donations.  
  • Just as with your Giving Tuesday campaign, make sure this one is also customized and branded to your cause and includes a compelling story that inspires action.  
  • You can create an unlimited number of campaigns on GiveGab, which means you can launch your year-end campaign before, during or after Giving Tuesday and share it with your supporters whenever you’re ready! 

Get the complete guide to #GivingTuesday Success!

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