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We’ve got some goodies for you!

We’ve been busy here at GiveGab working on new Premium Services for nonprofits, businesses and schools, but we’re still working hard on improvements to make our volunteers’ experience better. 

Responsive Design

The entire GiveGab site has been restyled. We’ve added new icons and colors. Not only does it look awesome, it’s now responsive to your browser size. Elements (like photos) scale to fit as you expand your browser. Responsiveness ensures our pages look great no matter what size monitor you’re using. Check out these examples!

imageColumns are added or subtracted to optimize space.

The Launchpad 

Sometimes you come to GiveGab just to see what has been happening at the nonprofits to which you belong. We’ve added a shortcut called the LaunchPad to the header. When you join a organization, a link to it is added to the LaunchPad. This will let you jump to the organization’s page from anywhere on the site.


Currently, our development team is diligently working on completing our premium services offerings, improving our organization dashboard, adding more ways to share links and videos, plus building the foundation of our mobile app. There are plenty of exciting features on the way for both volunteers and volunteer managers, so stay tuned!