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Is Your Giving Day Profile Making a Good First Impression?

Fundraising is all about the positive relationships between you and your donors.

From the moment they make their first contribution, your donors are officially “dating” your organization. And just like any relationship – if you want your date to stick around, you’ve got to make a great first impression!

On a Giving Day, your organization will be exposed to new donors who are seeking the opportunity to find a cause that aligns with their personal passions. To help these potential donors find the right fit, make sure that your Giving Day profile captures their interest!

Let the heart of your mission shine through, so potential donors feel comfortable and excited to get to know you and all of the great things you do. Getting dolled up for your Giving Day is easy – and a lot less nerve-racking than a real first date.  

Follow these tips, and you’ll be sailing off into the sunset with your new donors before you know it!

Reel Them in With an Enticing Story

Make it easy to read by using different headers and font sizes to separate information.  If you don’t know where to start, try this:

  • Add photos or a video that shows off the people you serve and the work you do
  • If you don’t have a good selection of photos to choose from, utilize free stock photos and customize them with free online tools like Canva to help capture the attention of potential donors

Below is an example of a compelling story from a Giving Day profile for TracysDogs, a participant in Big Give 2017!

Giving Day Profile

Help them Visualize your Potential Relationship

  • Utilize donation levels to show exactly how their support can help further your mission
  • Add photos to your donation levels so potential donors can really visualize their impact
  • Choose a variety of amounts that can appeal to multiple levels of donors

Below is a screenshot from TracysDogs’ giving profile for Big Give 2017! 

Giving Day Profile

Giving Day Profile

Provide them with Instant Delight

  • Personalize your thank you message, so your donors feel instantly appreciated after they make their gift
  • Include a video or an image that will make them feel good about their impact
  • Provide an opportunity to be a more active member of your organization by linking to an upcoming event or volunteer opportunity. Let them know you’re already looking forward to that second date!

Below is a screenshot of an email from the SPCA of Tompkins County that includes a personalized “thank you” message, ways to share their campaign on social media, and a donation receipt:


With a great first impression, you and your donors are destined for a long-term relationship. And if you ever need any more relationship advice, you’re already in the right place!