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Involve Your Family in Volunteerism

In today’s busy world, it’s hard to find space in our schedules to spend quality time with family, much less to volunteer.  So, why not combine the two?  Don’t think this is just about the immediate family either.  Volunteering in your community can be a multi-generational activity that brings the whole family together.


When deciding where to volunteer, get the children actively involved. Ask them what they care about and where they’d like to help.  Are they interested in helping animals?  Maybe helping other kids?  You’ll be surprised to learn what moves them.  There are few opportunities for children to volunteer on their own, but by going out with an adult, a whole world of possibilities becomes available.


Volunteering as a family will strengthen your relationships, help to develop strong values for youth, bring you closer to your community and help to make everyone more aware of the needs of the community. Now that’s a well-rounded activity!

Whether you decide to give back as a family on an ongoing basis or just on special occasions, there are so many ways that you can give back through community service.  Keep reading through the month of March to learn about a few of them.

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