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An Introduction to Donor Stewardship for Nonprofits

Donor stewardship is the process of having meaningful interactions with supporters to create long-term engagement and investment.  

Every gift or act of support to your organization should be made into an incredible giving experience, where supporters not only feel appreciated but enjoy the process so much that they look forward to giving to you again!

Along with a rewarding and enjoyable giving experience, your supporters should also enjoy simply being affiliated with your organization, regardless of whether or not they’ve contributed recently.

Sending out personalized updates on projects and other efforts, while also reminding them of how they helped make it all possible, assist in maintaining your connections with supporters – even if only by reminding them that they’re considered a part of your nonprofit’s mission.

Quick Engagement Checklist:

Schedule regular touch points on your annual calendar to ensure you’re staying consistently engaged.
Send out regular project and campaign updates that include progress reports with statistics.
Create a segmented list of supporters who will automatically receive special event invitations.
Organize reminders to reach out on special dates, like anniversaries.

Through effective stewardship, you’ll create strong personal connections between your donors and your mission, transitioning them from supporters to integral members of your organization.

By making your supporters feel as though they’re a part of your nonprofit family, they then act as the older siblings of your nonprofit’s cause, caring deeply and taking at least partial responsibility for its survival.

Through your interactions, your donors should feel that they’re the heroes of your nonprofit’s mission and that they’re cared for beyond their ability to contribute personal resources.