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Introducing the Weekly Digest Email for Volunteers!

We realize that in the past, you may have received a few more emails from GiveGab than you might have liked (or, let’s face it, a LOT more). That’s why we’re excited to launch Weekly Digest Emails for Volunteers! 

Starting Wednesday, March 12th, volunteers using GiveGab will begin receiving a Digest email every week.  This email includes 4 important sections: 

  1. Posts to Your Wall: This includes the last 3 comments made to your wall within the last 7 days.  It will not include Reflections or Logging Hours posts, and we only display activity that wasn’t your own (because you know what you did).  
  2. Posts to your Organizations’ Walls:  Similar to the above, each organization that you belong to will have a section which shows the last 3 comments made to their wall. 
  3. Events: This section will show recently added Events, Programs and Jobs by your organizations.  And if any of your friends are volunteering there, you’ll see that information too!
  4. Connections: Friend requests and recently added friends will appear here.

If there’s no new activity in any of these sections, then it won’t appear in your Digest email.  If there was no new activity at all that week, you won’t receive an email (we’ve learned our lesson about too many emails!).

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Digest email, let us know if you have any questions or feedback at