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Introducing Nonprofit Ambassadors on GiveGab!

A nonprofit ambassador is someone who is enthusiastic about civic participation, an engaged member of their community and actively seeks to recruit more, happy volunteers. The GiveGab Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students and individuals to act as liaisons between their campus and communities. As an ambassador you:

  • Learn about GiveGab and its resources
  • Plan and host fun events on your campus or in your community
  • Act as a campus and community contact for GiveGab
  • Help GiveGab to better understand the needs of its users

Nonprofit Ambassadors

What are the benefits of Ambassadorship?

Being a GiveGab ambassador boosts your resume by showing that you’ve been a volunteer and have gained leadership skills; it gives you the opportunity to interact and network with school faculty, your fellow students and your community; and allows you to promote what is important to you. Plus, you’ll earn cool badges on the site too!

Eligible ambassadors will have the following attributes:

  • Active campus involvement
  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • The ability to be self-motivated

Visit, sign in (or create a profile, it’s FREE!) and search for “GiveGab Givers.”  Click on “Groups” and you’ll find GiveGab Ambassadors.  Join us today!