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Inside GiveGab’s World Class Customer Support

When using technology for your organization, what does world-class customer support look like to your nonprofit?

At GiveGab, we believe that “world-class support” is a singularly-focused team of professionals who love their work, are obsessively invested in the success of those they serve, and tirelessly work to respond to and anticipate the needs of their customers.

We built our team and our platform with this in mind and we revisit these values constantly.  We go above and beyond providing support to our users by making customer SUCCESS a priority.  This is why one of our core values is customer LOVE! 

GiveGab Defines Support

Our team looks at support differently.  The following are some quotes from members of our Customer Success and Project Management teams about what support means to them:

Verdie, Customer Success Representative:To me, support means encouragement and understanding. It means meeting customers where they are not where we expect them to be.”

“Support is about anticipating needs and responding with awareness and compassion. Most importantly, it is about making sure that our customers know we will be there for them, no matter what.”

Denis, Customer Success Representative: “Support means helping users reach a level of total comfort and confidence with a product through user insight, understanding, and clear communication.

Laryssa, Customer Success Project Coordinator: “Support is feeling like you have someone rooting for you!”

World Class Customer Support

Alyssa, Director of Customer Success:

“Support means feeling like you can tackle any problem ahead of you because you have a team always there to catch you if you fall.”

Jennifer, Customer Success Representative: “Support, to me, means knowing that we understand our customers’ wants and needs, including anticipating what concerns they may have. It means continual understanding, kindness, and knowing where our customers are coming from! It also means continual follow-up and going the extra mile.

Rachel, Customer Success Intern:Support is having every tool possible at your disposal for success. It is being able to get caring and compassionate help when you run into an issue. Support is knowing that someone is there for you.

World Class Customer Support

Bridget, Manager of Customer Success:  

“To me, support means going above and beyond at every opportunity to make our customers happy and their mission a success!” 

Rebekah, Customer Success Project Manager: Support is enabling partners to be successful, anticipating their needs, and being an available resource!”

Merlin, Customer Success Representative: “A support team is a community of experts that offers care that is professional yet human, friendly yet inquisitive, and timely yet patient.

Laryssa, Project Coordinator:

World Class Customer Support

“Support is feeling like you have someone rooting for you!” 


What Makes Our Customer Support Different?

Denis, one of our Customer Success Representatives, shared his personal insights on GiveGab’s support. 

GiveGab’s customer service team is very patient, positive, and fun! They make providing top-notch service enjoyable and entertaining for the team and for those chatting in. My favorite part about coming to work is definitely spending time with the whole GiveGab team. Everyone is incredibly friendly, engaging, and humble. Being at work is a genuine pleasure!”

“As a CS team member, I seek to make the nonprofit world a more united community as a whole, connecting nonprofits from across the entire country into one large social network of love and support.”

Verdie, another member of our Customer Success team, shared her experience with GiveGab support: 

GiveGab’s customer service team feels different than other teams I’ve been on or interacted with because we are so integrated in every part of the product, the platform, and the users. I’ve never felt so connected to a product or customer base while providing customer service.” 

“I really love coming to work knowing that I am helping nonprofits reach more people, expand their network, and grow towards achieving their goals for stronger communities and better tomorrows.”

I seek to provide everyone with the same level of attention, focus, and care. I know that for the nonprofits and the people and communities these nonprofits serve, fundraising is essential to their daily operations. If something is not working out or running smoothly, knowing that I can help make their lives easier and their organizations more efficient and effective is really important.”  

GiveGab’s World-Class Service 

GiveGab’s customer success team is passionate about helping you succeed. With an average response time of five minutes, we aim to fully understand the scope of an inquiry and readily provide you with a solution or timeline for a solution.

Because each member of the customer success team (and greater GiveGab team!) is committed to GiveGab’s core values, we understand the urgency of the questions being asked, the imperativeness of an accurate response, and the impact that a team focused on success has on its nonprofit partners.

Our Mission is More Happy Nonprofits

Because of our personal interactions with nonprofits, we know firsthand the importance of being successful with fundraising and supporter engagement to the success of these organizations.  We advise our customers based on tried and true methods and ideas we have seen succeed again and again. 

We encourage nonprofits to use technology with top-notch customer support that goes beyond helping with basic issues by prioritizing success.

Official titles aside, it can be confidently stated that every member of the GiveGab team is on the customer success team!   



To learn more about the GiveGab team, visit Our Story page or reach out to us via our chat bubble to say hello! ?