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Illinois Nonprofits Raised Millions on #ILGive 2016

Forefront, Illinois’ state membership association of philanthropy, nonprofits, advisors, social enterprises, and other organizations, partnered with GiveGab’s fundraising and supporter engagement platform to launch #ILGive 2016 on November 29th.

Occurring in tandem with this year’s #GivingTuesday movement, the folks behind #ILGive carried the slogan, “Live Here, Give Here”, and saw generous people throughout Illinois do just that!

#ILGive 2016

Delia Coleman, Forefront’s Vice President of Strategy and Policy, said of this day:

“This was the year that Giving Tuesday defied expectations.  This movement is here to stay.”

“Every day these organizations strengthen the foundations of our communities and we are thrilled our campaign and our partners helped so many donors connect with, show some love to, and spread the word about all the awesome work these nonprofits do every day.

With donations filtering in beyond the official giving day, over $7.5 Million and 37,000 gifts were donated from more than 19,000 donors!

#ILGive 2016

This Giving Day was established by Forefront as an opportunity to highlight nonprofits throughout Illinois and all that they do to contribute to the growth and success of their communities.

To help instill friendly competition for the day, participating nonprofits were ranked on the #ILGive Leaderboards for the most donations and most donors throughout the 24-hour giving period.

#ILGive 2016

Data for the day may continue to be updated.  To see the most up-to-date information about #ILGive 2016, visit

Kathleen Murphy, Forefront’s Director of Communications, had this to say about #ILGive 2016:

With an ambitious campaign plan, we needed a platform that would meet the needs of our nonprofits, impress donors, and provide us with robust data that can help inform our knowledge of giving days. GiveGab built a beautiful giving experience for #ILGive that leveraged the latest technology and delighted both donors and nonprofits.”

“Our success in this campaign is directly related to the incredible user experience and customer service provided by our partner GiveGab.”

Nonprofits that participated in the day can still be found by visiting, however, visitors will be redirected to each organization’s giving profile through GiveGab, the technology platform behind #ILGive and many other Giving Days.

To all nonprofits who participated in this statewide giving movement, congratulations on your success and we hope to see you again next year!