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How to Host a Thankathon

A thankathon is an event where you show appreciation and give thanks to those individuals who support your organization.  Our customer success team dives into how to host a thankathon!  

Who Should You Be Thanking?

This should include not only your donors, but your volunteers and staff members as well!  Anyone who supports the success of your mission should be shown genuine appreciation.

When Should You Host a Thankathon?

Really, any time is a good time to host a thankathon.  You don’t need a special occasion to show that you care and recognize your supporters, and it could be a wonderful surprise!  

However, you could also use an appreciation event, like National Volunteer Week, to host your thankathon. You could host a volunteer appreciation event and ask your board members to volunteer for it, such as an ice cream social! 

Why Host a Thankathon for Volunteers?

  • It’s a great way to show your volunteers you appreciate them!
  • Volunteers are giving their time to help you out, so they deserve thanks!
  • Your volunteers could also become donors if properly nurtured!

How do You Host a Thankathon?

 Create a Thankathon Event

On GiveGab, for instance, you can easily create a volunteer event for your board members where you invite your volunteers to come and enjoy ice cream or whatever you choose to provide! 

 Host a Phone Bank Thankathon

Gather a group of your board members and/or staff to call your volunteers and thank them directly.  Provide a list of names, phone numbers, and a loose script to follow.  

Keep in mind that these individuals could potentially become donors and the fact that they volunteered shows a great deal of care and personal involvement with your organization’s mission.  Make sure they know how much they’re truly appreciated!!