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How To Adopt A Family in 2014!

Winter offers a wonderful opportunity to help others.  While giving is offered in abundance during the holidays, help is appreciated all year round, as need has no season.  This is a great activity for a group or club, and even kids can get involved!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Find a family in need.

Many charities and religious organizations keep lists of families in need. Do a search in your area for nonprofits that specialize in Poverty & Hunger and contact them.  Another option is to have a contest asking community members to submit suggestions of people in need, and pick one or more that you’d like to support.

2.  Decide which needs to fulfill.

Some organizations may have already needs assessments in which case you can use this to decide what you can and will provide.  In cases where this has not been done, you will want to contact the family to find out their most pressing needs.  You’ll want to be sure you are providing something they lack, so this step is very important.

3.  Fundraise or hold a donation drive.

Depending on what you plan to provide your family, you may want to take different approaches.  For instance if you plan to buy the heating fuel or pay bills you may want to do a fundraiser, versus providing food or clothing, in which case you can ask community members to donate items.  

4.  Support your family.

Once you’ve gathered your items or money, you’ll want to plan a gifting event.  If giving items, plan a time when the whole family is home and take plenty of pictures (with their permission, of course).  If paying bills, contact the provider and purchase gift certificates, which you can then present to the family.

5.  Reflect!

Share your story with other GiveGabbers.  We want to know how you feel about your volunteering experience.  Your stories will become part of a knowledge base that can help others.


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