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Healthcare Hospitality Giving Day 2016

Healthcare Hospitality Giving Day 2016 (HH Giving Day) was celebrated on May 5th.

This Day of Giving was established by the Healthcare Hospitality Network (HHN) to raise awareness and generate support for hospitality houses across the United States.

Healthcare Hospitality Giving Day

On this day, eleven nonprofit organizations participated in raising funds and spreading awareness for their important mission; to provide patients and their families with comfortable and safe places to stay in the event of being hospitalized away from home.

During this 24 hour giving event, $1,554 was raised for 11 nonprofit organizations!

Of the eleven participating nonprofits, Kevin Guest House took the lead for having the most donors (19) and the most overall donations for the day, totaling over $1k.  Kevin Guest House was established in 1972 as the first-ever healthcare hospitality house in the nation.

Healthcare Hospitality Network (HHN) is an association of over 200 nonprofits located throughout the U.S., each generously supplying free or low-cost lodging and support services to patients undergoing medical treatment away from home and their families.

Providing all the comforts of home to individuals during times of heightened stress and anxiety is an invaluable service, and we’re delighted to see the recognition and support that came through for HHN’s 2016 giving day!

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