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5 Reasons to Host A Giving Day on GivingTuesday

At GiveGab, GivingTuesday is one of the most exciting days of the year! It is a time where the desire to give is at an all-time high, and the passion and drive of our Giving Day partners are unstoppable.

GivingTuesday is best known as the global generosity movement that inspires individuals to give back through volunteer work, philanthropy, and other acts of kindness. It was created in 2012 by 92nd Street Y as a way to combat the consumerism of the holiday season and put the focus on doing good for others. It has since grown into the largest day for philanthropy and is celebrated throughout the world.

In 2020, 94 Giving Day hosts from across the United States took part in GivingTuesday with support from GiveGab. These efforts equated to over $20.7 million raised by 4,052 organizations. With that many donations processed in just 24 hours, it is easy to see how much of an impact GivingTuesday can create for communities, schools, hospitals, and causes. GivingTuesday has become GiveGab’s most popular day among partners to host a Giving Day, and with good reason!

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Our Giving Day Partners consistently seek to take part in this internationally recognized day of giving to:

  1. Leverage the momentum of social media
  2. Provide donors with a simple way to connect with causes
  3. Amplify efforts to raise funds, attract supporters, and share success
  4. Kick-off year-end fundraising efforts
  5. Learn from Giving Day peers

1. Leverage the momentum of social media

Participating in GivingTuesday is all about getting your message out there to be seen within both your local community and the collective giving community. It is the one day of the year that donors are actively searching for ways to give back and support new causes. With a Giving Day, you can give causes a voice to be heard and the opportunity to receive support. The primary avenues of finding these initiatives are through social media and brand recognition. GiveGab is here to help with both strategies!

To stand out on GivingTuesday, your fundraiser needs to make a lasting impression. Hosting a Giving Day with GiveGab allows you to create branding with a purpose. Giving Day hosts work directly with our in-house Graphic Designers to perfectly capture and portray the heart of your mission. Strong branding is a future investment as it will increase recognition and visibility year after year.

When hosting your GivingTuesday Giving Day on GiveGab, you receive a customized logo, a beautifully branded site, and downloadable graphics and social shares for marketing your fundraising efforts. GiveGab also offers templated social media messages to make it as easy as possible to implement. When your community shares your custom Giving Day content on social media, it will be sure to spark donor support.

Notably, when supporters see your Giving Day on a tweet or targeted ad, they will experience a smooth donation process – no matter their device – thanks to GiveGab’s modern technology.

Why is this important? Mobile responsiveness is a must-have capability, considering the majority of donations are made through smartphones and tablets. Your Giving Day site will be mobile-friendly with GiveGab, which provides the best giving experience for your donors.

Plus, when you host a Giving Day with GiveGab, we highlight your efforts across our social media channels. That means more awareness for your initiative to our wide audience of philanthropic-minded individuals!

2. Provide donors with a simple way to connect with causes

Giving Days are accessible. They allow you to easily share your organization’s work and the pressing causes and needs driving your mission.

GiveGab offers features and tools to develop a compelling and unified story, further maximizing your potential for success. Our dedicated Project Managers work with you to ensure that your homepage gives supporters a strong understanding of your Giving Day mission.

How does GiveGab help? GiveGab Designers and Project Managers help you create a custom branded site with images, graphics, and copy that tells a unified story. Videos are encouraged on the homepage as they enhance your overall messaging. Your participants will also have the opportunity to share their stories within their individual profiles.

Additionally, our platform allows you to seamlessly add custom landing pages for your site to share any other important information with site visitors such as video contests, local events, and in-depth descriptions around your causes. The Schneck Foundation’s 2020 Giving Day dedicated a custom page to outline extensive details on their hospital’s needs and specifically what donations are going to cover.

As we approach GivingTuesday 2021, online engagement has continued to grow in importance as we all find meaningful ways to connect virtually. This is most commonly done through live stream content. To support these efforts, GiveGab has launched GG Live.

Our real-time virtual event dashboard takes your Giving Day events to the next level with live data, virtual interaction, and easy ways to give. This feature provides a space to better engage your donors by interviewing participants, showcasing stories of impact, and highlighting stats in real-time.

Creating this space for donors to learn about the causes they are supporting makes them feel more connected to the Giving Day and will create a meaningful experience that can translate to repeat giving.

3. Amplify efforts to raise funds, attract supporters, and share success

What makes a GivingTuesday Giving Day with GiveGab so unique is that we offer built-in functionality to help you expand your fundraising initiatives in new and creative ways.

The most notable features that will strengthen your fundraising efforts are:

    • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising: Expand your network and reach new donors by allowing supporters to fundraise on behalf of organizations participating in your Giving Day. Did you know? P2P fundraisers typically bring in 4 new donors per campaign.

  • Sponsor Recognition: Proudly display and give instant recognition to your sponsors directly on your Giving Day homepage.
  • Matching capabilities: Matches incentivize donors to make a greater impact by multiplying the value of their gift. Through the GiveGab platform, gifts are automatically matched to applicable funds.
  • Prize Incentives: Create healthy competition by displaying your available prizes on a dedicated prize page! Giving Days on GiveGab have seen enthusiastic and competitive donors and participants engaged more with prizes
  • Leaderboards: Our leaderboards track your Giving Day’s top performers and displays them right on your homepage! This fun feature allows you to create friendly competition among your Giving Day participants, donor groups, or P2P fundraisers.

    PS – For the month of September, if you book a demo with our engagement team, you’ll receive an additional, custom Leaderboard for your site! Connect with an Engagement Expert today to learn more and secure your extra leaderboard today!

4. Kick-off year-end fundraising efforts

The majority of charitable giving occurs during the last few weeks of the year. Use the excitement from GivingTuesday, along with what you learned from your campaign results, as a segway into your year-end fundraising efforts!

While GiveGab has an automatic and immediate ‘thank you’ message which you can customize from your donors, we recommend following up after GivingTuesday with a more personalized message of gratitude.

Your follow-up messaging between GivingTuesday and year-end should include your goals, how close you are to meeting them, and what exactly you are trying to accomplish with their support.

By sharing what their previous gifts have helped you achieve, along with what future contributions would provide, you can help retain donors and strengthen your relationships. Being vocal after GivingTuesday and transparent about end-of-the-year goals and fundraising efforts will prime them for that future ask.

Two fall campaigns can strengthen your year-end fundraising efforts if you run them strategically. GiveGab offers the tools and support to maximize success for both your GivingTuesday day and beyond!

5. Learn from Giving Day peers!

While hosting a Giving Day can seem intimidating, whether it be your first or fourth time, GiveGab is here to support you. Between our team of experienced experts and GiveGab’s network of highly successful fundraising professionals, you can achieve your goals.

GivingTuesday is the most popular date for a Giving Day on GiveGab, which means our Giving Day Leader’s Network is well versed in running Giving Days on this particular day. By joining GiveGab, you are accessing this network of resources and the knowledge of highly successful and experienced leaders.

Above & Beyond Support – We recently launched our Giving Day Buddy program in which an experienced Giving Day leader within our network will provide guidance and mentorship as you begin planning for your first Giving Day.

Hear from our Giving Day partners on why they host a Giving Day on GivingTuesday:

“Giving Tuesday is a global movement for grassroots fundraising which can leave donors overwhelmed with “asks.” While some may agree, this day of generosity engages hearts and minds with missions near and dear to them. With GiveGab’s help, the Schneck Foundation tapped into storytelling and public relations, deeply touching our communities, helping us surpass our inaugural GivingTuesday fundraising goals. All with tremendous GiveGab staff support throughout the three-month planning phase. No doubt, we’ll continue to participate in GivingTuesday and plan for continued success with the help of the GiveGab team.” – Stephanie Flinn, Foundation Executive Director at Schneck Medical Center

“GivingTuesday is a one-day global celebration of giving. While your Giving Day is really about giving locally, tying it into a global movement towards charitable giving, generosity and philanthropy can help your Giving Day gain some natural recognition and momentum. After the shopping frenzy of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and so on, GivingTuesday is a great reminder that charitable giving is another important gift to one’s community during the holiday season, and positioning your Giving Day at that time can have a huge, positive impact.” – Kirk Windus, Communications and Fund Development Manager at Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation

Mark your calendars, GivingTuesday will take place on November 30, 2021. Schedule a time to speak with someone from our engagement team to discuss how you can leverage the momentum of GivingTuesday with GiveGab.