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#GivingTuesday 2017 is Coming – Is Your Nonprofit Ready?

#GivingTuesday 2017 is happening on November 28 and is expected to bring in a ton of support from across the nation!  

Twenty-eight fundraising platforms, including GiveGab, contributed their #GivingTuesday data to be used in the Giving Tuesday 2017 Insight Report available at  This data helped reveal the projected growth of this giving event with each coming year based on its history.

Fundraising History of #GivingTuesday:

2012: $10 million

2013: $28 million

2014: $46 million

2015: $117 million

2016: $168 million

Whether you plan to join the world’s largest giving movement for the first time or you’re looking to improve from what you learned in years past, there are many reasons you should use GiveGab for #GivingTuesday 2017!

Eleven Reasons to Use GiveGab this #GivingTuesday:

1. Secure & Trusted Technology

GiveGab was built on modern, scalable, and mobile technology, making our platform one of the most advanced and reliable fundraising and donor management technologies available to nonprofits today.  Thousands of nonprofits trust GiveGab, along with Giving Day partners who have touted our functionality and security to their member nonprofits.

To learn more about our technology, read our in-depth article published by GiveGab’s COO, VP of Technology, and Co-founder, Aaron Godert:

Giving Day Platforms – Technology Choices with Major Impact

2. A History Of Success

On #GivingTuesday 2016, GiveGab processed 12,094 gifts from 11,041 donors to 1,056 nonprofits across the country, with over $7 Million raised on the platform!  Since then, we’ve also hosted a variety of statewide, civic, and college Giving Days, bringing in millions in donations for thousands of nonprofits.

Browse GiveGab Success Stories

3. Attractive & Responsive Campaigns

GiveGab campaigns are fully customizable to fit your nonprofit’s brand and style.  The design is simple with clear calls to action, a fundraising goal with status updates, customizable donation tiers, a place to add your story, images, videos, display your supporters, and more.

Learn More About GiveGab Campaigns

4. Built-In Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

On GiveGab, your supporters can easily sign up as p2p fundraisers to raise money for your #GivingTuesday campaign through their own social circles, increasing your potential outreach and incoming donations on the day.

Learn More About P2P Fundraising on GiveGab

5. Donation Collection Through Your Website

If you don’t want to direct traffic away from your own website on #GivingTuesday this year, but still want to provide a secure and attractive way to collect donations, GiveGab offers an embeddable donation form that allows you to do just that!

Learn More About the Embeddable Donation Form

6. Automated Thank You Messages

Stewardship is baked right into the GiveGab product, making it easy to nurture those important relationships with your supporters with very little effort on your end.  An email will automatically be sent following a donation that you can customize with compelling photos, videos, and any copy you’d like to add.

Learn How to Write Your Best Thank You Message

7. Optimized Fundraising Events

If you want to host an event this #GivingTuesday, GiveGab has added some highly requested features to its event tool to put even more power in your hands to create an online event experience that’s just as awesome as the one you’ll have in-person!

Check Out GiveGab’s New Event Features

Learn the Benefits of Hosting an Event on GiveGab

8. Built-In Donor Management

To take your donor stewardship to the next level, we offer an integrated donor management system called the Engage Donor CRM available to anyone signed up for our Engage Plan.  This CRM allows you to keep personalized notes about your supporters, view their full history with your organization, filter and segment supporters using custom properties and tags, attribute offline donations and provide receipts for gifts made by cash or check.

Learn More About Engage Donor CRM

9. Free Education & Promotional Materials

Our official #GivingTuesday website contains a page dedicated to providing you with free resources to help you be as successful as possible on this very important day of fundraising. You’ll find webinars, a downloadable guide to #GivingTuesday success, a p2p fundraising guide, social media graphics, communication timelines, email and social media messaging plans, and more!

#GivingTuesday 2017

Go to #GivingTuesday Resources

10. Happy Happy Customers!

Our mission at GiveGab is to create more happy nonprofits by providing a product they love, the support they deserve, and the technology they need to help them be successful with online fundraising and supporter engagement.

You can see what some of our happy customers have to say about working with us by reading our Case Studies – or to get more personal insights into their fundraising success, check out our Nonprofit Champion blog archive.

11. Zero Platform Fees For Select Plans

As a special promotion this year, we’re waiving 100% of our platform fee on #GivingTuesday for the full 24 hours for all nonprofits signed up for our Launch or Engage plans.  Standard credit card processing fees from our payment processor will still apply.

Learn About Our Plans

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of working with us – on #GivingTuesday or any other day of the year – is our superior customer service.  We have an in-house team dedicated to helping nonprofits succeed year-round.  Reach out to us and see for yourself!