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8 Reasons GiveGab is the Number One Giving Day Solution

GiveGab is the number one Giving Day solution because we make the entire process of running your Giving Day Easy, Enjoyable, and Effective! To show you how we accomplish this, we have outlined the eight primary reasons our fundraising partners choose to work with us year over year.

1. Unparalleled Support

At GiveGab, our mission is to make it incredibly easy for fundraisers to be great at their jobs, which is why we put so much emphasis on providing the highest level of support for our Giving Day partners.

When you run a Giving Day through GiveGab, you’re paired with an experienced Project Manager or Coordinator from our Customer Success team. This dedicated team member is here to walk you through the entire Giving Day experience on GiveGab.

Through support provided by GiveGab Project Managers and Coordinators, our Giving Day partners are empowered to do some truly amazing things. They are given the confidence to be creative and implement new strategies knowing that they have someone from GiveGab to rely on.

We are consistently taking our support to new levels with our partners, ensuring that we are addressing all questions around their day and providing advice and best practices at every step. This has led to some very happy partners. Check out a few of their success stories here.

“What separates GiveGab from other platforms is their willingness to work with each giving day partner to make the experience the best it can be. GiveGab staff ensures that everyone feels heard, and they are willing to go above and beyond for their clients so that we can all make a great impact in our respective corners of our nation.” – Christine Herlin, Manager of Nonprofit & Customer Relations at I Live Here I Give Here, host of Amplify Austin

We know that it is just as crucial to the success of your day that participating organizations and donors can navigate the site with ease. At GiveGab, we provide individualized support to all your Giving Day participants and donors through GG Chat.

GG Chat
GG Chat is GiveGab’s automated help center and educational database, created to ensure that everyone involved in your day has a positive user experience. 

Your participating organizations will have access to an extensive database of resources, including support articles, toolkits, and pre-recorded videos to prepare for your day. Additionally, through GG Chat, we provide individualized support for your participants and donors with our chat feature, connecting them directly to one of our Customer Success Champions.

“Being able to help nonprofit administrators and supporters of those organizations use our platform is super rewarding and fun! They work tirelessly to make their communities better places and I’m proud to support them do so.” – Karin, Customer Success Chat Specialist

With unparalleled support at every step of the way, you can be sure your Giving Day is set up for Success on GiveGab!

2. Flexible and Secure Platform

GiveGab’s technology is flexible to ensure we can fit the unique needs of our fundraising partners, and always held to the highest standards for PCI compliance and security.

Giving Days to Fit Unique Needs

With hundreds of Giving Days powered by GiveGab, no two are exactly alike. We offer Giving Days that are created specifically for a single organization to raise awareness and funds for their singular cause. For example, we recently worked with Cayuga Health System who ran Cayuga Health Giving Day in place of an in-person event such as a gala. Check out their story here.

More traditionally, we offer Giving Days that support multiple organizations that share a common host organization, such as a Community Foundation or United Way.

To see an example of a Single Organization Giving Day, visit Wichita Collegiate School’s Giving Date site.

For an example of an Umbrella Giving Day, visit the Giving Day site for the state of New Hampshire, NH Gives.

View all Giving Days powered by GiveGab here.

Customizable Website Layout

New in 2020, Giving Day partners on GiveGab are given access to our premium Landing Page Builder. With this feature, you can build and customize your Giving Day homepage from the ground up, giving you control of the look and feel of your site.

Above, you can see a visual representation of the Landing Page Builder featuring CLLCTIVLY’s Giving Day Site, CLLCTIVGIVE 2020.


We offer integrations that ensure our fundraising partners have the most seamless and impactful Giving Day experience possible.

gif of hand holding wrench
Integration benefits include all your favorite tools working together with the amplified GiveGab platform experience as well as streamlined tools and key integrations that save you time and maximize fundraising potential!


Through our integrations, we are able to work with services including Periscope Data, Google Analytics, and Intercom.

PCI Compliance/ Donor Security

Giving Day Solution

It is crucial that your donors feel confident when making an online donation, especially in the age of online identity theft.

Our donation forms are backed by the highest level of security and maintain PCI Level 1 Compliance to ensure donors feel safe when giving online and that their information is protected.

We go above and beyond to ensure your data remains secure, and you have confidence in using our reliable platforms.

To learn more about GiveGab’s security and reliability, visit

3. Modern & Seamless Fundraising

Through a partnership with Stripe, GiveGab offers GG Pay, a modern and secure payment processor designed exclusively for nonprofits, schools, and hospital foundations to collect donations quickly and efficiently online.

Giving Day Solution
GG Pay offers world-class fraud protection and customer service, allowing fundraisers to focus on engaging their supporters while ensuring their donation experience is enjoyable and seamless.

Modern Payment Options through GG Pay Include:

  • Mobile Wallet with Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay, and Google Pay
  • Multi-Gift Basket that Allows Donors to Give to Multiple Organizations in One Transaction
  • Saved Payment Feature to Make Repeat Giving Easy
  • Embeddable Donation Widget Connects Your Website to Your Giving Day Efforts

Business Fundraisers

Our Business Fundraiser functionality allows local businesses to get involved in giving back through your Giving Day site. By setting up their own profile page, businesses encourage support for local nonprofits by raising money through the Giving Day.

Benefits for businesses include:

  • Business Fundraiser Stats
  • Employee Participation
  • Branded Profile
  • Business Story Section

4. Best-In-Class Design

When it comes to modern design and exceptional user experience, our Giving Days really speak for themselves! We offer a mobile-responsive site with custom design work for all of our fundraising partners.

Our design work includes:

  • Website design
  • Logo design
  • Branded marketing assets (social share graphics, email templates, and more!)
Giving Day Design
Giving Day site for Ursinus College – Branded by GiveGab

With GiveGab, you’re empowered to customize the look and feel of your site to match your organization or school’s brand, and you have the flexibility to use your own logo or have one of our in-house graphic designers create one for you.

Check out the blog below written by Mary, Design Manager, as she takes a deeper dive into the importance of creating a well-branded and designed Giving Day site for increased engagement and results.

GiveGab Insider: Designing the Number One Giving Day Experience

5. Continuous Product Updates & New Features

Our platform was first designed through feedback from our local organizations and we have continued to listen closely to the needs of our users as we grow and transform our Giving Day platform. Our product team strives to continually make impactful updates that will have a significant impact on our Giving Day partners. Every month we take time to highlight some of our most exciting updates to the Giving Day platform available here.

 “When we are taking in feedback from our partners and their organizations, we can be confident that any improvements to our platform will make a real difference in the success of their days.” – Denis, Product Manager

GG Live

Giving Days powered by GiveGab are centered around bringing communities or schools together online. With digital engagement at an all-time high, the value of meeting your audience online in real-time is paramount to maintaining interest and building on existing relationships. This is why we developed a mobile-friendly virtual event platform to help strengthen connections with your community of supporters: GG Live!

GG Live Logo

GG Live is GiveGab’s real-time virtual event dashboard, designed to take your Giving Day to the next level with live data, virtual interaction, and easy ways to give. With features such as rolling stats, video streaming, and text-to-give, your supporters will be eager to continue visiting and engaging with your Giving Day site throughout your event.

Interested in going live with GiveGab for your next Giving Day? Read the blog below to find out how! 

Take Your In-Person Events Online with a Virtual Giving Day

More Engaging Features:

Our Giving Day features are designed to delight donors, leading to more gifts, larger gift sizes, and more peer engagement. Some of our partner favorites include:

  • Multiple Leaderboards
  • Challenges & Prizes
  • Donor Heat Map
  • Goal Thermometer
  • Donor-Advised Funds
  • Text to Give

6. Year-Over-Year Growth

Giving Day Solution

One of our primary goals is to help our Giving Day partners see the growth of dollars and donors year over year while using our platform. We’re happy to report that our Giving Days saw an average growth of 38% from 2018 to 2019, a 71% growth from 2019 to 2020, and an astonishing 97% growth since March of 2020 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the podcast interview with our partner from New Hampshire’s statewide Giving Day: 

Growing New Hampshire’s Giving Day By 526%

7. Giving Day Leaders Network

As the leading Giving Day platform provider, we have worked with some incredibly knowledgeable and experienced fundraising professionals. Our partners are philanthropic leaders in their communities and schools, leading the charge as they grow and innovate within the digital fundraising space.

At GiveGab, we are proud to provide opportunities for our Giving Day leaders to come together to share and learn from each other in a collaborative environment. When you partner with GiveGab, you are invited to join this exclusive network of Giving Day leaders.

We also coordinate the largest annual event for Giving Day hosts, our Giving Day Leaders Forum. This exclusive event provides our partners with an opportunity to share their experiences and form connections with those on a common mission to grow the impact made in their communities and schools through online Giving Days.

Our 2020 virtual Giving Day Leaders Forum had over 170 fundraising professionals in attendance taking part in peer-led sessions, team activities, and presentations from the GiveGab team.

leaders forum
GiveGab Giving Day Leader’s Forum 2019


Learn More About The GDLF

8. Year-Round Support & Fundraising Options

It is more important than ever that organizations have access to safe and reliable means to fundraise online. For many nonprofits and schools nationwide, they are lacking resources and capacity to engage with their donors online, potentially losing out on critical support.

Unique to GiveGab, we provide an extensive suite of fundraising products that work in tandem with your Giving Day to keep donor and organization engagement going year-round.

For community foundations and larger nonprofit networks:

  • We offer Community Giving as a year-round solution for your member nonprofits to feature timely campaigns and initiatives year-round on a centralized website.
  • For those looking for a centralized directory for your member nonprofits, Philanthropy Hub serves as a central and trusted location for grant makers and other entities to do their research.

For colleges and universities:

  • We offer Crowdfunding, a customizable way to feature campaigns throughout the year, and support initiatives across campus for community members, organizations, and departments.

For cause-based nonprofits, hospital foundations, and k-12 schools: 

  • We offer our Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Suite, allowing you to quickly spin up campaigns and events with p2p and team fundraising functionality, analytics, and automated messaging built-in. All campaigns and events can be embedded as donate buttons on your organization’s website.

For all of our fundraising partners:

  • We offer white-label Donation Forms that can live on any website using a simple line of code. Completely customizable and brand agnostic, you can create forms to serve any function, from collecting donations, event ticketing, general requests for information, and more! Donation Forms come with advanced reporting that can directly integrate into your CRM or be delivered to your inbox.
  • New to GiveGab’s product line-up is branded Donation Sites! These custom websites aim to empower organizations to launch an unlimited number of landing pages that are dedicated to collecting seamless online donations.

Every GiveGab product comes with secure payment processing through GG Pay and our world-class support through GG Chat!

Giving Day leaders on GiveGab represent Community Foundations, United Ways, Nonprofit Networks, Colleges, Universities, K-12 Schools, and Hospital Foundations.

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