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Turn Your Giving Day into a Giving Year with Community Giving

The final numbers have been tallied, community members thanked, prizes awarded, and your donor and participant surveys have been sent; you just wrapped up your organization’s annual Giving Day. Through blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe a little GiveGab magic) your day went off without a hitch. 

A Giving Day for your community can be the highlight of your entire year in terms of fundraising and engagement. Because of your organization, nonprofits had the opportunity to tell their stories and connect with supporters and donors on a deeper level. You have truly left a Giving Day legacy that will continue to grow and flourish year over year.

The impact can be so great that your community wants to continue the momentum. Your local or affiliate nonprofits are so grateful for the work you have done to support their efforts. You gave them a platform where they were able to experience the power of online fundraising.  But, you have a strong understanding that for most nonprofits, one day of giving is simply not enough to keep up with the demands they see on a day-to-day basis. 

What if you could continue to support your nonprofits by turning your Giving Day into a Giving Year?

When you partner with GiveGab, you can take advantage of our new Community Giving platform.


This platform runs seamlessly with your current Giving Day initiative allowing your nonprofits to fundraise year-round with ease.

Community Giving allows you to become the philanthropic leader for your community by providing a central location for businesses, organizations, and donors to cultivate relationships.

With GiveGab, you can make your year-round fundraising dreams a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Community Giving right for my organization?

The Community Giving platform works best for organizations such as Community Foundations, United Ways, and nonprofit networks. These are typically organizations that have nonprofit members they provide support and fundraising resources to directly. Community Giving works best when the host organization has a strong relationship with the nonprofit community. If you aren’t sure if your organization is a good fit, we would be happy to have a one-on-one meeting with you!


What are the Benefits to my Nonprofits?

When you use Community Giving alongside your Giving Day, the benefits are endless! Here are just a few of them:

  • You will have the heightened ability to raise awareness and support your nonprofits by highlighting their activities, fundraisers, or volunteering opportunities.
  • You will become the trusted hub for charitable giving in your community where grantmakers and individuals can go to discover the information they need to help them make giving decisions.
  • Nonprofits will be able to leverage your robust platform for online fundraising, promotion, and ultimately gain exposure to new supporters.
  • You will create a space where your nonprofits can develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with the local community.

How does Community Giving integrate with my Giving Day?

At GiveGab, we want to make it as easy as possible for all nonprofits involved with your Giving Day to continue to fundraise on your site year-round with Community Giving. Check out how our Community Giving product integrates with your Giving Day.

  • Single Site – Your website URL will stay consistent during both Community Giving and Giving Day phases. Donors and supporters will not have to shift between two different sites to donate to your nonprofits throughout the year and on your Giving Day.
  • Similar User Interfaces – Because the Giving Day platform shares a user interface with Community Giving, you and your nonprofits will only need to keep track of one login to access both products to make updates. Training will also be easier because the user experience is similar to that of setting up a Giving Day profile.
  • Shared Data Fields – The two platforms also share some common data fields – like address, organization name, bank account information, etc. So if my organization moves, I only need to update it once on my profile to have it reflected on both platforms.
  • Donation Consistency – Organizations will be able to collect donations via the Community Giving platform, just as they do through a Giving Day. It will all report into the same place within their admin dashboard and with the new report filters available, they’ll be able to filter which donations came from where and when.
  • Similar Donor Experience – Donors on Community Giving will also have similar user experiences because the platform has a similar search and donation flow.

Do I get the same level of customer support that I did with my Giving Day? 

Absolutely! Our unparalleled customer support will not end when your Giving Day does. You will still be partnered up with one of our wonderful Project Managers from our Customer Success Team. This will be your go-to person any time you have any questions or need any support while your Community Giving site is open and you will still have regularly scheduled check-ins with them.

Additionally, your participating nonprofits will have access to our #successchat year-round to answer any questions they may have during their fundraising initiatives. Our Customer Support Champions are there to assist your nonprofits every step of the way providing them with direct support and a resource library rich with support articles, webinars, and more!


How Will I Manage my Community Giving site? 

As the host of the Community Giving site, you will have access to a master dashboard designated specifically for your Community Giving initiatives. It will look and function very similarly to your Giving Day master Dashboard. You will be able to see the number of donations coming in as well as the number of organizations fundraising on your site. Within your master dashboard, you will be able to make copy changes to the site and well as have the ability to highlight key initiatives, funds, or support areas!


What features do my nonprofits get with Community Giving? 

The most exciting feature of Community Giving is that your nonprofits can take advantage of year-round online fundraising. Many small nonprofits can not afford a fundraising platform on their own leaving them to rely on outdated fundraising methods. With Community Giving, nonprofits have all the features they loved from their Giving Day and the confidence to know it will always be available to them.

Features for nonprofits include the following:

  • Community Giving Profile – Your nonprofits will continue to have a place to share their story with donors, volunteers, and supporters. They will experience a truly customizable experience with the ability to add text, images, and videos. They can update or change information at any time to include any updates or specific campaigns they are running throughout the year. These profiles are easily searchable from your Community Giving site and can be shared via individualized links.
  • Matches/ Challenges – Gaining support from businesses in the community is something that nonprofits should be able to focus on all year. With Community Giving, they can! With matches and challenges, nonprofits can keep their donors engaged and excited about giving knowing that their gifts will make an even greater impact in furthering their mission. It is also a great way for nonprofits to showcase the support that the local businesses are showing them.
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising – Getting the word out about fundraising initiatives can be hard for nonprofits with a limited budget. Fortunately, Community Giving allows them to use the power of Peer-to-Peer fundraising to help spread their mission across social media networks. These Peer-to-Peer fundraisers can raise money year-round for organizations they have a deep passion for.
  • Automated Thank You Messaging – They also still have the ability to create a customized thank you message. Low donor retention is one of the biggest hurdles that nonprofits experience. And, when a nonprofit is small or short-staffed, prioritizing donor stewardship can feel impossible. With the ability to have automatic Thank You emails once a donation is made, your nonprofits will be able to ensure that their donors know how much their gift is appreciated.
  • Robust Reporting – Nonprofits can keep track of donations that come in through their Community Giving profile throughout the year and can easily download reports as CSV files as needed. In their donation reports, they are able to see information such as if a donor is making recurring gifts or if your donor would like to be anonymous. Being able to manage donations in one place throughout the year allows your nonprofits to keep up with their donor stewardship initiatives.

How will my nonprofits transition to Community Giving? 

When you run your Giving Day and your Community Giving initiatives on the same platform, your nonprofits experience an easy transition between the two. Your nonprofits will have a designated area in their back-end dashboard to edit their Community Giving profile as well as a separate section devoted to their Giving Day profile. Once the Giving Day period is over, the profile displayed on the site will then automatically switch to their Community Giving and vice versa. The link that your nonprofits share with their supporters and donors stays the same throughout the year, making it a seamless experience for all!


We would love to chat with you about how you can turn your Giving Day into a Giving Year on GiveGab. Learn more about our Community Giving platform by visiting the link below!