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GiveGab Insider: Giving Day Data Report

Giving Days are still a relatively new concept in the fundraising space, and due to the ease and accessibility of online giving, we have seen a rapid expansion in the past six years. In our Giving Day Data Report, we explore key insights and findings that led to this growth.

Giving Days are 24-hour (or longer) fundraising challenges that aim to rally groups of people around a particular region, cause, event, or educational institution.

We first began tracking data around Giving Days in 2015 when we launched our inaugural campaign for our local community, Giving is Gorges. From the start, we understood that this was the future of fundraising. Having a deep understanding of their unique characteristics allows them to foster high-impact results for the communities they serve.

From 2015-2020, our Giving Day knowledge grew significantly as our platform quickly became the number 1 Giving Day Platform in the industry. In 2020 alone, we supported 244 Giving Days spanning cause areas, communities, countries. Check out this full list of Giving Days powered by GiveGab.

In this Data Report, we share the most prevalent findings of the last six years, including data from 500 Giving Days, to inspire community and campus leaders looking to make a lasting impact through digital fundraising.

Included in the Giving Day Data Report:

  • image of Giving Day Data Report 2020Giving Day Trends Across Sectors including higher education, hospital foundations, public media outlets, and more
  • Comparison of Giving Days to general fundraising trends
  • Year-Over-Year growth of Repeat Giving Days on GiveGab
  • Seasonal Giving Day Trends around GivingTuesday and spring giving
  • Impact of 2020 on digital fundraising and Giving Days
  • Projected Giving Day Outcomes and trends for 2021 and beyond