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GiveGab’s New Help Center: Helping Us Help You!

Here at GiveGab, we are OBSESSED with making our nonprofits as successful as possible in everything they do. That’s why we are so excited to reveal our new and improved Help Center!

We’ve partnered with the support experts at Intercom to enhance the guidance you receive and help us make better decisions that improve GiveGab for everyone.

You Make GiveGab Better With Every Search

Have you ever searched for an answer and yielded zero results? We know how frustrating that feeling can be, which is why we’re using our new tools to make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

With our new Help Center, we’re able to see our most popular search terms, as well as which searches are yielding no results. These new insights will allow us to fill in the gaps where your questions aren’t being answered. So if for an example, we saw that lots of people were searching for premium features, but there was no information on that topic in our Help Center, our team would be able to see that and quickly add the resources you need.

New Help Center

Not only do these insights improve our Help Center, but they make GiveGab better too! The GiveGab team now has a better idea of where you’re getting stuck, which makes it easier than ever to prioritize those features that make your life easier and improve your experience on GiveGab.

Help When You Need It Most

During the business day, our Customer Success Team is working extra hard to make sure we answer all of your questions as quickly as possible. But since not everyone runs on a 9-5 schedule, we wanted to find a better way to be there for you… even when we aren’t actually there.

Now when you write in through our chat support, you’ll automatically be prompted to check out our new Help Center. There you can search for the answers to all of your questions and find step-by-step instructions to coach you through. And if our Help Center still isn’t answering your questions – a member of our team will always get right back to you first thing the next business day.

Better Feedback For Better Support

If you’ve checked our new Help Center articles, you may have noticed this prompt after going through the steps: 

New Help Center

By quickly selecting the emoji that best reflects your experience, we’re able to use that immediate feedback to improve our resources regularly so they’re always up to date and accurate. If the article didn’t answer your question and you select the sad Emoji, a message will pop up asking how we can help answer your question.

New Help Center

This not only helps our team answer your question as quickly as possible but gives us a chance to look back at that resource and see where it could use improvement. This feedback allows us to create better support for you and everyone using GiveGab!

The GiveGab team is here for you every step of the way – and our Help Center is too! Whether you’re browsing through how-to articles or chatting with a member of our team, we aim to empower you with the resources and answers you need to be a Nonprofit Champion.  

Visit Our Help Center