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GiveGab’s Five Products for Fundraising Professionals

With so many fundraising platforms out there, it can be hard to distinguish what is right for your organization. 

On GiveGab, there is a plan for everyone. Whether you’re a small nonprofit looking for maximum support, or a community foundation looking to foster giving in your region, we have something to help you succeed in your fundraising efforts.

At GiveGab, we have 5 Products available that include our Boost Fundraising Suite, GiveGab Enterprise, Giving Days, and Community Giving, and Philanthropy Hub.

Let’s take a moment to go through each one!

Boost Fundraising Suite

Boost offers an assortment of tools that allow your organization to create impactful campaigns and events. Through Boost, you can show off what makes your organization so special by customizing your campaigns and events with your branding, images, videos, and colors.

You also have the opportunity to tell your organization’s story and mission through donation levels, personalized thank you emails, and campaign updates. Expand your organization’s reach through peer to peer fundraiser pages and sponsored matches. 

GiveGab's Four Products for Nonprofit Professionals


GiveGab Enterprise

GiveGab Enterprise allows your organization to have unparalleled flexibility for all your fundraising initiatives. Through completely custom donation forms embed to your website, you can create a seamless experience for your donors and supporters. With CSS editing capability and a variety of form question types, you can make donation forms as unique as your organization. 

Additionally, reporting is easier than ever with Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce integrations and automatic receipting for donors.

GiveGab's Four Products for Nonprofit Professionals



Giving Days

GiveGab is the technology platform that hosts over 100 Giving Days annually! But, what exactly is a Giving Day?

A Giving Day is typically a 24-hour online fundraising challenge that aims to rally groups of people around a particular state/region, cause, holiday/event, or place of higher education. These days are customizable to your branding and language and include a custom website.

Hosting a Giving Day can be a huge undertaking but when you partner with GiveGab, you never feel like you are going at it alone. You will have a designated Project Manager to meet with weekly to help guide and empower you as you plan for the big day.

Giving Days generally fall under one of two categories: Civic and Higher Ed.

Civic Giving Days

Bring your community together by hosting a Civic Giving Day. We want to make it easy for you to connect donors with nonprofits doing amazing work in your community or state. Organizations will be encouraged to create custom profiles on your Giving Day site to tell their stories and solicit donations. Create excitement throughout the day with a donation ticker, prizes, leaderboards and more!

GiveGab's Four Products for Nonprofit Professionals

Higher Ed Giving Days

Show your school spirit with a Higher Ed Giving Day. These days are centered on fostering a sense of giving among your students and alum to create a long-lasting impact for your school. Each department, club, or sports team can create custom profiles that can compete for challenges or appear on the leaderboards!

Want to see a day in action? View a recording of our most recent webinar: A Deep Dive into the #1 Giving Day Platform for Higher Education.

GiveGab's Four Products for Nonprofit Professionals

Community Giving

Everyday Community Giving emphasizes the importance of creating a giving culture in your community or region. With this product, you will have access to a custom website that allows for a central location for organizations and donors to engage and cultivate relationships.

Typical clients of this product include community leaders such as United Ways, nonprofit networks, and community foundations. Special features include a dedicated project manager, Integrated Peer-to-Peer and Team-Based Crowdfunding.

GiveGab's Four Products for Nonprofit Professionals


Philanthropy Hub

This is GiveGab’s newest and most exciting addition to our product line. Philanthropy Hub allows your Community Foundation or Nonprofit Association to create a central hub or directory for your nonprofits. Philanthropy Hub provides a place to host organizational information and giving opportunities throughout the year

You can read about the release of this new GiveGab product in our blog article, GiveGab Adds Two New Products Focused On Year-Round Initiatives.”


The best part?

With all of our products, you receive unparalleled customer support from our Customer Success Champions. You can connect with them via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right corner of all of our pages. They are standing by to provide insight into the platform, nonprofit strategy, and best practices.

GiveGab's Four Products for Nonprofit Professionals


At GiveGab, it is our mission to create more happy nonprofits! That is why is it so important to use that we have a wide range of customizable products to fit every fundraising need! We went over a lot of information but there is still so much more to learn about our offerings and how they can work for you. Check out our plans and pricing page to learn more!

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