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GiveGab Winter Retreat 2017: Mission Nonprofit Happiness

At GiveGab, we take pride in our core mission to empower more happy nonprofit professionals by providing a product that makes their work easier and that they love to use!

To make sure our team stays aligned on this important mission, we all came together for a Winter Retreat at a beautiful lake house in Pennsylvania (only an hour away from our Ithaca headquarters!).

It was here that we had several creative brainstorming sessions about how we can make our software and interactions with nonprofits even better, while also celebrating everything we’ve accomplished as a company.

GiveGab Winter Retreat 2017

To provide you with some context, 2016 was a monumental year for GiveGab; we launched several successful Giving Days, gained new partnerships for future Giving Days, and acquired thousands of new nonprofit organizations onto our platform.  Our positive growth caused us to add more all-star players to our incredible team.  You can see more about each of us on Our Story page.

Team GiveGab Huddle

After three days and two nights, we left this memorable retreat with an even stronger sense of what our company is destined to accomplish!

We strive to be the ultimate resource for nonprofits to create online fundraising campaigns and events, effectively engage with their supporters, market their missions and efforts, manage their busy work schedules, and so much more.

In short, we want to help make the lives of nonprofit professionals easier and more enjoyable, while acting as their partners every step of the way by continuing to provide unparalleled customer support and resources.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all the nonprofits and Giving Day partners who helped shape us into the team we are today!
Team GiveGab