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A Day in the Life of a GiveGab Project Manager

As one of GiveGab’s Senior Project Managers, my role is to provide exceptional support and guidance to our many Giving Day Partners.

Each Giving Day on GiveGab is assigned a dedicated member of the Project Management team that is available throughout the entire planning process. We are here to help your team set goals, implement new ideas, reach new milestones, and cheer you on every step of the way!

It brings me such joy to know that my team is there to help support the work of our Giving Day partners doing incredible things within their communities and campuses. The relationships we have been able to form through these partnerships have allowed us to understand the unique needs of our Giving Days and develop best practices for year-over-year growth.

We have also created an extensive and knowledgeable Giving Day Leaders Network. Within this network, we are able to facilitate collaboration and conversation among our quickly growing list of GiveGab partners.

If you are unfamiliar with GiveGab’s unparalleled Project Management, you may wonder what it is like to work with a member of our Customer Success team and the role they play within your Giving Day.

To gain a better understanding of our offerings, join me as I give you an inside look into a typical day of a GiveGab Project Manager!

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I like to make sure anything that came in overnight is addressed. This allows me to better organize my internal workload for the day.

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We take a few minutes to have a morning coffee catch-up with my fellow Project Managers and Project Coordinators. This helps us keep our team culture strong and connect with each other over some non-work-related chitchat!


I take some time to check all of my active Giving Day sites. I review recent donations, site traffic, and make sure everything is flowing as expected.

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The Customer Success and Engagement teams work closely together to ensure we are meeting our partners’ needs at every step of the way! Today we have a short check-in with the Relationship Management and Engagement team to learn about upcoming Giving Days, review recent platform updates, and talk through best practices and fundraising strategies.

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As a company-wide meeting, Focus Board highlights what each team at GiveGab is focused on for the week. It’s good to stay connected with each team within the company. I especially love getting to learn a little about what each team is working on, and how they all play into helping our Giving Day partners thrive within our platform.

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Although we are all working remotely, I like to stay in touch with colleagues in other departments. Today I am having a virtual lunch with Katie on the Marketing Team!

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I am so proud of my partners, especially when they hit important campaign milestones! I take great delight in cheering them on and congratulating their successes.

If you’ve ever been a part of one of our Giving Day Slack channels, you know that GIFs are an integral part of our day-to-day work. Finding the perfect GIF is like finding the Holy Grail – magical!

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The Project Management team has regular check-ins with each of our partners. I like taking some time before each one for some internal prep so that I can create an agenda, review project timelines and deliverable dates.

During our check-ins, we review upcoming milestones and talk through various aspects of the Giving Day process. Since each Giving Day is at a slightly different point in their project timeline, each check-in is specific to that partner and their goals.

For example, one Giving Day may be preparing to open nonprofit registration, so I’ll review the registration survey with my partner to make sure everything is set up appropriately.

Another Giving Day may be almost ready to start accepting donations, so in that check-in, we’ll review fundraiser strategy and match/challenge settings.

At GiveGab, we find that regular check-ins with our partners are essential to keeping their Giving Day on track and ensuring they have the tools to find fundraising success on our platform.

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In my role as a Senior Project Manager, I work closely with a team of dedicated Project Managers and Project Coordinators who mainly work on education-based Giving Days for our University and K-12 partners.

We have our own team meeting to discuss specific questions and needs for our education-based partners. We often share ideas, best practices, and brainstorm together to fit the needs of our partners.

Team High 5

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Our whole mission at GiveGab is to make it incredibly easy for fundraising professionals to be great at their jobs! And one way we can do that is by educating the participating nonprofit administrators on how to best leverage the GiveGab platform to run a successful Giving Day campaign.

We’ll host webinars and other training opportunities to highlight platform features or discuss fundraising strategies so that the nonprofits are empowered and confident for their upcoming Giving Day.

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I also manage several Project Managers and Coordinators. We have weekly one-on-ones to see how each member of the team is feeling and what they’re currently working on. We’ll often review upcoming Giving Days, how we can best support our partners and nonprofits, and share additional personal and professional updates.

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I often like to check in with our dedicated GG Chat Specialists who are getting that first-hand communication with our nonprofits and donors. Particularly, when one of my Giving Days has an upcoming milestone such as registration closing or donations opening, I like to see if there are any specific support themes or questions coming in.

Are there common questions we’re fielding that we could proactively address? Do we need to loop our partner into any questions we’re receiving? I like getting a pulse check to see how the site users and visitors are responding to the Giving Day.

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Lia’s been working so hard all day, she wants to go stretch her legs before playing with her human brother! Being the Lead Lap Warmer can be “ruff” work

Here is Lia helping me cheer on Wichita Collegiate School’s most recent Day of Giving!


I hope you enjoyed this brief look into my daily schedule. As you can see, my team stays busy ensuring that our partners have an Easy, Enjoyable, and Effective Giving Day experience on the GiveGab platform.

Do you think that your planning team would benefit from having a Project Manager for your upcoming Giving Day? Chat with a member of our Engagement Team today to learn about how we can make that possible!