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Optimized Fundraising Events on GiveGab

Hosting a fundraising event on GiveGab just got even better.  New features have been added to improve your experience from the administrative side and for your supporters!

Watch our event video to learn more:



Here are some of the new features you can expect when you host an event on GiveGab:


We wanted to make the event registration process even more seamless, so we added multi-registration, allowing you to register multiple people at the same time (like whole families or your friends) all in the same transaction. This means you don’t need to fill out your credit card or other personal information for each individual person.

Coupon Codes

During the registration process, you can now offer coupon codes to select supporters for whom you’d like to offer discounts or waived registration fees.  Only those who enter the specific code you provide will receive the discount and the process is discrete, so your other registrants won’t feel as though they’re missing out on something if they don’t have a code.

Swag Items

Our updated registration form gives you the option to offer your event swag items, like t-shirts or water bottles, to your supporters as they register for an event online, so they don’t have to wait till the day-of to get them.

These optimized fundraising events, along with many other advanced features, are available to anyone using our Boost Fundraising Suite!

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