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Announcing GiveGab’s New Podcast, Giving & Gabbing

At GiveGab we are all about making it exceptionally easy for fundraising professionals to be great at their jobs. Apart from creating the industry-leading Giving Day platform, we live up to this mission by creating an extensive resource library including blogs, webinars, case studies and more all centered on fundraising best practices and trends.

We are excited to announce that we have added a brand new resource to our library that allows us to share the joy of fundraising in a fun and interactive way. In December of 2019, GiveGab launched its official podcast, Giving & Gabbing.

Our two very talented co-hosts, Karin and Jaclyn, are Customer Success Champions at GiveGab that work closely with Giving Day partners and nonprofits around the nation assisting them with their fundraising efforts through our #SuccessChat. We asked them a couple of questions about how this podcast came to life, check out their responses below.

What was the inspiration behind starting Giving & Gabbing?

“We were looking for a way to discuss ideas about fundraising in a conversational format that would give us more chances to talk to our partners and other community leaders one-on-one.” – Jaclyn 

What is the focus of the podcast?

“We mainly create episodes around nonprofit fundraising strategy, Giving Day best practices, event planning, and other topics relevant to nonprofits.” – Karin

What do you hope to accomplish with this podcast?

“We hope that it will be fun to listen to and provide new insights to people in the fundraising space” -Jaclyn

Check out our first episode of Giving & Gabbing, A Deep Dive into Giving is Gorges.

In this episode, we take a look into GiveGab’s own local 24-hour Giving Day, Giving is Gorges. In June, we celebrated our 5th annual Giving Day, which brought record-breaking results as $157,442 was raised collectively by 74 participating organizations.

We discussed the strategies that led to this day’s success such as trainings, business fundraisers, and in-person events, as well as how we will continue to grow this giving initiative.

Additional episodes include topics such as nonprofit communication and marketing strategies as well as an interview with the Tompkins County SPCA.  Giving & Gabbing is now available on popular podcast streaming sites such as Spotify and Google Podcasts. Start listening by clicking on the link below!