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GiveGab Giving Day Questions Answered

When it comes to Giving Days, we have suggested that some important questions be answered before selecting a technology platform.

Although we’ve answered many of these questions on our Day of Giving information page, we wanted to provide a direct Q&A format here as well.

1. What is our Giving Day performance history?

  • 30+ Giving Day events with 100% uptime (i.e., no crashing)
  • Each Giving Day event raised money seamlessly through online donations
  • 100% satisfaction reported from every Giving Day customer so far

2. Are our Giving Day pages attractive?

Decide for yourself.  Here are links to some of our Giving Day pages:

3. Do we use reliable and modern technology?

  • We use the most modern and reliable technology available today and are constantly testing our product for efficiency
  • We’ve seen zero downtime for all of our Giving Days and no issues with donations being made through our platform
  • Our VP of technology, Aaron Godert, describes our technology in greater detail in his blog post:  Giving Day Platforms — Technology Choices with Major Impact

4. How is our customer support?

“GiveGab has excellent customer service and has really helped us to design a beautiful campaign site.”Ashley from Franziska Racker Centers

5. How quickly do our Giving Day participants get their donations?

  • Donations made through our platform are deposited directly into the nonprofits’ accounts within 24-48 hours
  • Other platforms claim to deposit money within 15-30 days

6. Do we offer prizes or other perks to increase donations?

  • Yes!  We work with those running a Giving Day to establish whether they would like to have prizes and matching gifts available for nonprofits to compete for throughout the 24-hour event
  • Gifts can be in the form of monetary donations, helpful services or products, and even event tickets

7. What happens for our Giving Day participants after the event is over?

GiveGab is your everyday online software for fundraising, supporter engagement, donor management, and so much more.

After participating in a Giving Day, you’ll automatically have a GiveGab account where you can continue collecting online donations, start another fundraising campaign, engage with your supporters, promote your cause, and have easy access to many more tools based on whatever GiveGab plan your organization selects.

Have more questions for us?  Check out our customer success headquarters where you can pose a question, view FAQs, or contact a member of the customer success team directly.