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GiveGab Feature Update: MailChimp Integration, Contact Uploader, and More!

We only recently announced our latest GiveGab product update, but little did you know we had even more goodies up our sleeve (i.e., in our product roadmap)!

Here are our latest features and where you can find them!

MailChimp Integration

Now you can easily sync your GiveGab donors and supporters to your MailChimp account with your first 2,000 contacts included free when you subscribe to the Engage plan.

How to access it:  MailChimp integration is included with your subscription to our Engage Premium plan, which gives you all the fundraising tools available through GiveGab paired with our donor management system, the Engage Donor CRM.

Contact Uploader

Our easy-to-use contact uploader allows you to keep all your supporters organized in one place and build complex reports on how they’re interacting with and contributing to your organization!

How to access it:  The contact uploader is readily available to anyone using our Engage Premium plan.  Your Engage subscription includes an onboarding training session to help get your contacts uploaded with simple how-to instructions and unlimited access to our chat support to make sure you’re set up for success!

Search/Filter Donations

Are you looking to download a full report that is specific to an event or campaign you’ve run?  With this new feature, you can filter your donation reports and get the exact information you’re looking for whenever you want it!

How to access it:  Searching/filtering of donation reports is a feature available in our Launch plan.

Have questions about these new features or their associated plans?  I’d love to talk to you about it!

Visit our Plans page or find some time to chat with me directly by scheduling time on my calendar below.