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GiveGab Feature Announcement: Embeddable Donation Form Widget

One of our most highly raved about GiveGab features is our seamless, secure, and simple donation form.

Embeddable Donation Form

According to Forefront, host for #ILGive (and one of our favorite Giving Day partners), the ease of making a donation through our platform is one of their all-time favorite features!  Eric Weinheimer, President and CEO of Forefront, said about our donation process:

“[GiveGab provides] a mobile-friendly platform that allows donors to give in 3-5 clicks while they’re sitting on the bus.”

GiveGab’s Donation Form Evolution

Our donation form is so desirable that one of our most frequently requested features was to provide an embeddable donation form widget, allowing our nonprofit users to implement the process into their own personal websites.

Because our platform is built for nonprofits and by nonprofits (well, with nonprofit feedback as a priority) our product team delivered!

Take a look at the beauty of GiveGab’s Embeddable Donation Form:  

Donation Form Widget

Various organizations through Center for Transformative Action are already using the Embeddable Donation Form Widget.  To see it in action, visit one of the following nonprofit websites:

How Does the Widget Work?

Any GiveGab customer participating in a Giving Day or enrolled in our P2P Fundraising Suite can utilize this incredible new feature!  When logged into your GiveGab dashboard, we make it easy to move forward with replacing your outdated donation form with our modern, secure, and attractive one!

Want to learn more about the widget or anything else on GiveGab?

Check out our Customer Success Headquarters or schedule some time on the calendar below to speak with Kyle, our Nonprofit Engagement Specialist!