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GiveGab Ambassadors – Actively seek to recruit more, happy volunteers

We have created the GiveGab Ambassadors in recognition of those we see supporting their communities and others.

GiveGab Ambassadors

Who earn can earn the exclusive GiveGab Ambassador badge?

A GiveGab ambassador is someone who is enthusiastic about civic participation, an engaged member of their community and actively seeks to recruit more, happy volunteers.  To be eligible, just do things like invite new users to the website, post updates/photos to The Gab, offer feedback on how to improve the site, or recommend nonprofits to be added.  Simple things that show you’re an active GiveGabber!

What are the benefits?

Being a GiveGab Ambassador boosts your resume by showing that you’ve displayed leadership skills; it gives you the opportunity to interact and network with other GiveGab Ambassadors; and allows you to promote what is important to you.

Plus you have the opportunity to get some cool chotchkies (more on this later!).