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Celebrating Southwest Washington’s Giving Day, Give More 24!

Give More 24! 2018

\On September 20, 2018, Southwest Washington celebrated their fifth annual Giving Day, Give More 24!

Hosted by the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington, Give More 24! is considered a local holiday dedicated to giving back to nonprofits.

The day is intended to make southwest Washington stronger by celebrating the work of nonprofits and giving something extra—or “giving more.” Also, Matching funds were given out, to certain nonprofits, amplifying donations and maximizing the impact made in just 24 hours!

Here is a video from the Give More 24! team thanking those who participated in the day.



Give More 24! Results

In just 24 hours, 155  nonprofits raised over $1.3 million for Give More 24!
Give More 24! 2018

Give More 24 Leaderboards

Organizations with the most Most Raised and the Most Unique Donations were features on the event’s  Leaderboards.

Give More 24! 2018
Give More 24! 2018 Leaderboards

At over $82k, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School ranked first for having the Most Raised!

Give More 24! 2018
Giving Profile for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

Topping the leaderboards for having the Most Donors was Lower Columbia School Gardens at 212 unique supporters!

Give More 24! 2018
Giving Profile For Lower Columbia School Gardens

From the Project Manager

Give More 24! 2018Amy Gergely, Project Manager for Give More 24!
The Give More 24 team was a joy to work with. They were a relentless force and well-oiled machine, fully engaging all their participating nonprofits in ways that were creative and awe-inspiring: dozens of local events, almost 150 peer-to-peer fundraisers and over $500,000 in matching funds. During their first year on the GiveGab platform, they took full advantage of all the tools available to them and surpassed all their goals, even crushing their $1.2 million stretch goal before 10:00 pm! I cannot wait to see what they are able to do next year for the amazing nonprofits and people of Southwest Washington.

Congratulations, Give More 24!

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