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Grow Your Giving Day Results with Give a Little More

Our Giving Day partners care about continually growing impact in their communities, campuses, and beyond year-over-year. We understand that to do this, you need creative and engaging solutions to encourage your supporters to continue giving to the causes they most resonate with, and even—Give A Little More!

Recent findings from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s fourth quarter report for 2021 showed that the micro donor segment (those who donate less than $100) and small donor segment (who give between $100-$499) are shrinking—by over 9 percent and 6 percent respectively. Many Giving Day donors tend to fit in these two categories, making it more important than ever to be proactive in encouraging donors to extend their philanthropic commitments.

We are proud to release our Give A Little More Feature, which provides Giving Day donors with a way to easily see where and how much they donated previously, and encourages them to increase their gift amount. Give A Little More is available for all returning Giving Days on the GiveGab Platform that has the Gift Basket enabled.

Explore how you can begin implementing this feature for your next Giving Day and how it can lead to year-over-year growth for donors of all sizes.

How Does Give A Little More Work?

As the host of your Giving Day, you’ll have the ability to add the Give A Little more section directly to your Giving Day landing page. You will also have the flexibility to customize the descriptive messaging to fit the tone and theme of your campaign.

When donors visit the Giving Day site, they will see a button to “Give Again” prompting those who have supported the Giving day in the past to make an additional contribution.

Once this button is clicked, donors will be prompted to log into their unique user account on GiveGab.  Next, donors will be shown the causes they have given previously with the option to increase their next gift by 10%, 20%, 30% or a custom amount, and add these new gifts to their basket for an easy check-out experience.

In your donation reporting, you’ll be able to track gifts that came in through this feature and see the direct impact that it has on your total results.

Benefits of Implementing Give A Little More

  • For Your Giving Day: Increased year-over-year results
    • With donors encouraged to increase their donation amounts, the Giving Day will see dollars raised and average gift sizes continue to rise.
  • For Your Donors: Streamlined user experience
    • Give A Little More makes it easy for your Giving Day’s supporters to continue giving back to the causes they love.
  • For Your Participants: Stewardship & Engagement Opportunities
    • Participating groups can re-engage donors who have given to them in the past to create stronger relationships throughout the year.

Determining if Give A Little More is right for your Giving Day

We think that Give A Little More is a helpful tool for all Giving Day hosts who are looking to inspire and encourage their returning donors to increase their support year-over-year. However, your Giving Day must meet these qualifications in order to implement this feature:

  • Your Giving Day must have run at least once prior on the GiveGab Platform
  • Your Giving Day must enable the Gift Basket Feature

Next Steps:

If you meet the qualifications outlined above and are interested in enabling the Give A Little More feature on your upcoming Giving Day, reach out to your dedicated Project Manager.

Not yet hosting your event on the #1 Giving Day platform? Book time to connect with a member of our Engagement team to learn more.