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GG Chat Makes Online Fundraising Easy

At GiveGab, Customer Love is what drives us!

This means going above and beyond for our fundraising partners to make sure they feel supported and are set up for success. We take a non-traditional approach to customer service. In fact, at GiveGab we don’t even call it customer service – we call it Customer Success!

What is Customer Success?

To us, Customer Success is having dedicated, responsive, and knowledgeable team members engaging in an open and welcoming dialogue with everyone using our platform to support them in their fundraising endeavors.

Our most popular channel of communication is that famous little blue bubble at the bottom of your screen that we call GG Chat!

GG Chat is GiveGab’s automated help center and educational database, providing unparalleled support to anyone fundraising or donating through the platform.

Powered by our passionate team of Customer Success Champions, GG Chat is made possible through our exclusive integration with Intercom. These are real people that will stick with you to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and offer best practices.

While our Success team is available to provide direct responses to your questions during normal business hours (Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST), you can utilize GG Chat 24/7 and find the answers through our automated educational database! 

The People Behind GG Chat

We have a relatively small but obsessively attentive team, providing highly unique and collaborative support. When you use the GiveGab platform, you become our partner, and when you write into GG Chat, that’s exactly how you will be treated.

“Working in GG Chat allows me to connect directly with non-profit admins, fundraisers, and donors. We work together to trouble-shoot problems and I’m constantly able to collect feedback to help make our platform a better place for all its users. Connecting through chat allows me to see the difference our company is making in real-time!” – Noelle, Customer Success Manager

We take pride in our work and love what we do!

Getting the Most from Your Customer Success Team

1. Write into GG Chat

Simply scroll to the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and click on the blue GG Chat icon. This will open up a chat screen and start a conversation with one of our in-house Customer Success Champions. The blue chat bubble will follow you around the GiveGab Platform allowing you to ask questions as soon as they come up!

2. Visit our Support Center

If you don’t feel like chatting just yet, check out our Support Center. It has articles that answer almost any question you could think of about the GiveGab platform! We have created an extensive library of step-by-step articles and videos to walk you through the product and showcase best practices.

3. Subscribe to our Blog

You’ll find a variety of helpful articles and tips ranging in topics from the latest product updates, fundraising trends, and everything in between!

Our Customer Success team directly contributes to the blog with tips and suggestions on how to run successful campaigns, such as this article about leveraging Giving Day Matches written by Noelle, a Customer Success Manager at GiveGab.

Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter and stay up to date with our newest posts!

4. Tune in to our Podcast

Giving and Gabbing is GiveGab’s official podcast, where we interview fundraising professionals from across the nonprofit, civic, and education sectors. Our library of interviews will continue to grow as a part of our commitment to provide delightful content to our partners.

Check out this recent episode of Giving & Gabbing titled, Experiencing Exceptional Fundraising Support Through GG Chat, where we explore the direct impact that GG Chat has on our Giving Day partners and their participants.

GiveGab’s mission is to make it incredibly easy for fundraising professionals to be great at their jobs, and that is exactly what our Customers Success team strives to do every day. By chatting with us via GG Chat, we’ll help ensure your next fundraising initiative is set for success!


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