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Five Family Volunteer Ideas for Spring!

This month as one begins to think about spring cleaning and garden weeding, its good to take some time to think about all the great volunteer activities you can do as a family in the great outdoors.  With all the snowmelt, sand and salt covering the streets, beautifying the community is likely top-of-mind for others in your area too!  

Every community has a multitude of organizations that specialize in beautification, rehabilitation, trail repair and clean up, but a lot of these activities can be done as a family on your own initiative.  Here are a few:

Neighborhood Clean Up:  Help take care of the earth around you and your community.  Gather the kids, some trash bags, rubber gloves and hit the streets picking up garbage that has gathered over the past months.  Invite your neighbors to give a hand.

Plant a Tree: This project beautifies and helps the environment.  Go to your local nursery and buy a tree that is native to your area or become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation and they’ll send you 10 trees to plant in your yard.  The kids will enjoy digging and being chased with the water hose.

Plan an Easter Egg Hunt: What child doesn’t love an Easter Egg Hunt. Volunteer to put one together for your neighborhood.  Get everyone involved in filling eggs and watch the fun unfold.

Clean the Yard of an Elderly Neighbor: Offer to clean the yard of someone who’s unable to do it.  Grab the rake, the kids, a lawnmower and get to work.  You’ll not only make their space more beautiful, but save them a few dollars too!

Beautify Abandoned Buildings:  Are there any vacant houses are storefronts in your area?  Why not clean them up and give them a little bit of a facelift with some flowers?  Check out UrbanArt for great ideas on how to do even more.



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